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List of books by Anne Stuart

List of Books Anne Stuart with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Anne Stuart. Find my selection in date order of Anne Stuart.

Anne Stuart List of Books to Read

Demon Count Books

The Demon Count   (1980)           

The Demon Count’s Daughter     (1980)           

Catspaw Books

Catspaw        (1984)           

Catspaw II     (1988)           

Maggie Bennett Books

Escape Out of Darkness     (1986)           

At the Edge of the Sun       (1987)           

Darkness Before the Dawn           (1987)           

Seen and Not Heard           (1988)           

Anne Stuart’s Greatest Hits Books

Cinderman    (1994)           

The Soldier and the Baby aka The Soldier, The Nun and The Baby (1995)           

Ice Books

Black Ice        (2005)           

Cold as Ice    (2006)           

Ice Blue         (2007)           

Ice Storm      (2007)           

Fire and Ice   (2008)           

On Think Ice (2011)           

House of Rohan Books

Ruthless        (2010)           

Reckless        (2010)           

Breathless     (2010)           

The Wicked House of Rohan        (2010)           

Shameless     (2011)           

Scandal at the House of Russell Books

Never Kiss a Rake    (2013)           

Never Trust a Pirate           (2013)           

Never Marry a Viscount    (2014)           

Fire Books

Consumed by Fire   (2015)           

Driven by Fire           (2016)           

Wildfire         (2017)           

Standalone Novels

Barrett’s Hill (1974)           

Cameron’s Landing (1977)           

Demonwood            (1979)           

Lord Satan’s Bride  (1981)           

The Spinster and the Rake            (1982)           

Chain of Love           (1983)           

Heart’s Ease (1983)           

Museum Piece         (1984)           

Housebound (1985)           

The Houseparty       (1985)           

Banish Misfortune  (1985)           

Against the Wind    (1985)           

Bewitching Hour     (1986)           

Hand in Glove          (1987)           

Partners in Crime    (1988)           

Cry for the Moon    (1988)           

Special Gifts (1990)           

Night of the Phantom        (1991)           

Chasing Trouble      (1991)           

Heat Lightning         (1992)           

Now You See Him   (1992)           

Rafe’s Revenge        (1992)           

One More Valentine           (1993)           

A Rose at Midnight (1993)           

Break the Night       (1993)           

Shadow Dance         (1993)           

To Love a Dark Lord            (1994)           

Nightfall        (1995)           

Moonrise      (1996)           

Prince of Swords     (1996)           

Lord of Danger        (1997)           

Ritual Sins     (1997)           

Prince of Magic       (1998)           

Shadow Lover          (1999)           

Shadows at Sunset (2000)           

Lady Fortune            (2000)           

Wild Thing    (2000)           

The Fall of Maggie Brown (2000)           

The Widow   (2001)           

Night and Day          (2001)           

Still Lake        (2002)           

The Road to Hidden Harbor         (2003)           

Into the Fire (2003)           

Hidden Honor          (2004)           

The Devil’s Waltz     (2006)           

The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes  (2007)           

Dogs and Goddesses          (2009)           

Silver Falls     (2009)           

When the Stars Fall Down            (2017)           

Short Stories/Novellas

Blind Date From Hell          (2008)           

The High Sheriff of Huntingdon   (2011)           

Under an Enchantment     (2012)           

Risk at Night (2013)           

A Midnight Clear     (2014)           

Dark Journey            (2015)                                   

List of books by Anne Stuart

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Anne Stuart.


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