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List of books by Anne Perry

List of Books Anne Perry with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Anne Perry. Find my selection in date order of Anne Perry.

Anne Perry List of Books to Read

Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Books

The Cater Street Hangman           (1979)           

Callander Square     (1980)           

Paragon Walk          (1981)           

Resurrection Row   (1981)           

Rutland Place           (1983)           

Bluegate Fields        (1984)           

Death in the Devil’s Acre   (1985)           

Cardington Crescent          (1987)           

Silence in Hanover Close   (1988)           

Bethlehem Road     (1990)           

Highgate Rise           (1991)           

Belgrave Square      (1992)           

Farriers’ Lane           (1993)           

The Hyde Park Headsman (1994)           

Traitors’ Gate           (1995)           

Pentecost Alley        (1996)           

Ashworth Hall          (1997)           

Brunswick Gardens (1998)           

Bedford Square       (1998)           

Half Moon Street    (1998)           

The Whitechapel Conspiracy       (2001)           

Southampton Row (2002)           

Seven Dials   (2003)           

Long Spoon Lane    (2005)           

Buckingham Palace Gardens        (2008)           

Betrayal at Lisson Grove   (2010)           

Dorchester Terrace (2011)           

Midnight at Marble Arch  (2012)           

Death on Blackheath         (2014)           

The Angel Court Affair       (2015)           

Treachery at Lancaster Gate        (2015)           

Murder on the Serpentine            (2016)           

William Monk Books

The Face of a Stranger       (1990)           

A Dangerous Mourning     (1991)           

Defend and Betray (1992)           

A Sudden, Fearful Death   (1993)           

The Sins of the Wolf           (1994)           

Cain His Brother      (1995)           

Weighed in the Balance    (1996)           

The Silent Cry           (1997)           

The Whited Sepulchres     (1997)           

The Twisted Root    (1999)           

Slaves of Obsession            (2000)           

A Funeral in Blue     (2001)           

Death of a Stranger            (2002)           

The Shifting Tide     (2004)           

Dark Assassin           (2006)           

Execution Dock        (2009)           

Acceptable Loss      (2011)           

A Sunless Sea           (2012)           

Blind Justice (2013)           

Blood on the Water           (2014)           

Corridors of the Night        (2015)           

Revenge in a Cold River     (2016)           

An Echo of Murder (2017)           

Dark Tide Rising       (2018)           

Tathea Books

Tathea           (1999)           

Come Armageddon (2001)           

Elena Standish Books

Death in Focus         (2019)           

Christmas Stories Books

A Christmas Journey           (2003)           

A Christmas Visitor (2004)           

A Christmas Guest  (2005)           

A Christmas Secret (2006)           

A Christmas Beginning       (2007)           

A Christmas Grace  (2008)           

A Christmas Promise          (2009)           

A Christmas Odyssey          (2010)           

A Christmas Homecoming (2011)           

A Christmas Garland          (2012)           

A Christmas Hope   (2013)           

A New York Christmas       (2014)           

A Christmas Escape            (2015)           

A Christmas Message         (2016)           

A Christmas Return            (2017)           

A Christmas Revelation     (2018)           

A Christmas Gathering      (2019)           

World War I Books

No Graves As Yet    (2003)           

Shoulder the Sky     (2004)           

Angels in the Gloom           (2005)           

At Some Disputed Barricade        (2006)           

We Shall Not Sleep (2007)           

Timepiece Books

Tudor Rose   (2011)           

Rose of No Man’s Land     (2011)           

Blood Red Rose       (2012)           

Rose Between Two Thorns           (2012)           

Daniel Pitt Books

Twenty-One Days    (2017)           

Triple Jeopardy        (2018)           

Standalone Novels

Fashionable Funeral           (1992)           

A Dish Taken Cold   (1999)           

The One Thing More          (2000)           

Naked Came the Phoenix  (2001)           

I’d Kill for That         (2004)           

Heroes           (2007)           

The Sheen on the Silk         (2010)           

Short Stories

The Scroll      (2012)           

Short Story Collections

Price of Desire         (2005)           


Malice Domestic 6  (1997)           

Death by Horoscope          (2001)           

Much Ado About Murder (2002)           

Death by Dickens    (2004)           

Thou Shall Not Kill  (2005)           

Odd Partners           (2019)           

Non-Fiction Books

Letters from the Highlands           (2004)           

List of books by Anne Perry

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Anne Perry.


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