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List of books by Anna Jacobs

List of Books Anna Jacobs with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Anna Jacobs. Find my selection in date order of Anna Jacobs.

Anna Jacobs List of Books to Read

Chronicles Of Tenebrak Books

Quest (1994)           

Lands of Nowhere  (1995)           

Shadow of the Serpent      (1995)           

The Price of Wisdom          (1996)           

Tenebrak, the Founding    (2010)           

Chronicles Of Tenebrak Books

Tenebrak, the Founding    (2010)           

Quest (1994)           

Lands of Nowhere  (1995)           

Shadow of the Serpent      (1995)           

The Price of Wisdom          (1996)           

Gibson Family Books

Salem Street (1994)           

High Street   (1994)           

Ridge Hill       (1995)           

Hallam Square         (1996)           

Spinners Lake           (1997)           

Kershaw Sisters Books

Our Lizzie      (1999)           

Our Polly       (2001)           

Our Eva          (2002)           

Our Mary Ann          (2003)           

Lancashire Saga Books

Lancashire Lass       (2000)           

Lancashire Legacy   (2001)           

Staley Family Books

Down Weavers Lane          (2002)           

Calico Road  (2005)           

Michaels Family Books

A Pennyworth of Sunshine           (2003)           

Twopenny Rainbows          (2004)           

Threepenny Dreams           (2004)           

Preston Sisters Books

Pride of Lancashire (2005)           

Star of the North    (2006)           

Bright Day Dawning           (2006)           

Heart of the Town  (2006)           

Blake Sisters Books

Farewell to Lancashire       (2009)           

Beyond the Sunset (2010)           

Destiny’s Path          (2011)           

Wiltshire Girls Books

Cherry Tree Lane     (2010)           

Elm Tree Road         (2011)           

Yew Tree Gardens   (2012)           

Trader Books

The Trader’s Wife   (2011)           

The Trader’s Sister  (2012)           

The Trader’s Dream            (2012)           

The Trader’s Gift     (2013)           

The Trader’s Reward          (2014)           


Greyladies Trilogy Books

Heir to Greyladies   (2013)           

Mistress of Greyladies       (2014)           

Hope Books

A Place of Hope       (2013)           

In Search of Hope   (2013)           

A Time for Hope      (2014)           

Rivenshaw Books

A Time to Remember         (2015)           

A Time for Renewal            (2015)           

A Time to Rejoice    (2016)           

Gifts for Our Time   (2017)           

Peppercorn Street Books

Peppercorn Street  (2014)           

Cinnamon Gardens (2015)           

Saffron Lane (2018)           

Bay Tree Cottage    (2018)           

Honeyfield Bequest Books

The Honeyfield Bequest    (2016)           

A Stranger in Honeyfield   (2017)           

Peace Comes to Honeyfield          (2018)           

Ellindale Books

One Quiet Woman (2017)           

One Kind Man          (2018)           

One Special Village (2018)           

One Perfect Family (2019)           

Penny Lake Books

Changing Lara          (2019)           

Birch End Books

Road to Birch End   (2019)           

Standalone Novels

Persons of Rank      (1992)           

Envoy (1994)           

Jessie  (1998)           

Like No Other           (1999)           

Seasons of Love       (2000)           

A Proper Match       (2000)           

Alien Invasions         (2000)           

A Forbidden Embrace        (2001)           

Replentish the Earth          (2001)           

Mistress of Marymoor       (2002)           

Change of Season   (2003)           

Marrying Miss Martha      (2004)           

The Wishing Well    (2004)           

An Independent Woman  (2005)           

The Corrigan Legacy           (2006)           

Family Connections            (2007)           

Tomorrow’s Promises        (2007)           

Kirsty’s Vineyard     (2007)           

Freedom’s Land       (2008)           

Yesterday’s Girl       (2008)           

Chestnut Lane         (2008)           

Saving Willowbrook           (2009)           

In Focus         (2009)           

Licence to Dream    (2010)           

The Sword of Azaray          (2010)           

Moving On    (2011)           

Winds of Change     (2012)           

Marrying a Stranger           (2013)           

Short Story Collections

Short and Sweet     (2011)           

The Cotton Lass and Other Stories         (2018)           


Non-Fiction Books

Plotting and Editing            (2011)

List of books by Anna Jacobs

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Anna Jacobs.


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