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List of books by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

List of Books Elizabeth Ann Scarborough with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough. Find my selection in date order of Elizabeth Ann Scarborough books.

Elizabeth Ann Scarborough List of Books to Read

Songs from the Seashell Archives Books

Song of Sorcery       (1984)           

The Unicorn Creed  (1983)           

Bronwyn’s Bane      (1983)           

The Christening Quest       (1985)           

The Dragon, the Witch, and the Railroad         (2015)           

The Redundant Dragons   (2018)           


V. Lovelace’s Guide to the Wild West Books

The Drastic Dragon of Draco, Texas       (1986)           

The Goldcamp Vampire     (1987)           

Songkiller Books

Phantom Banjo       (1991)           

Picking the Ballad’s Bones            (1991)           

Strum Again?           (1992)           

Tibet Books

Nothing Sacred       (1991)           

Last Refuge  (1992)           

Petaybee Books

Powers That Be       (1993)           

Power Play    (1992)           

Godmother Books

The Godmother       (1994)           

The Godmother’s Apprentice      (1995)           

The Godmother’s Web      (1998)           

Acorna Books

Acorna’s People      (1999)           

Acorna’s World       (1999)           

Acorna’s Search      (2001)           

Acorna’s Rebels       (2003)           

Acorna’s Triumph   (2004)           

First Warning           (2005)           

Second Wave           (2006)           

Third Watch (2007)           

Cleopatra Books

Channeling Cleopatra        (2002)           

Cleopatra 7.2           (2004)           

Twins of Petaybee Books

Changelings  (2005)           

Maelstrom    (2006)           

Deluge           (2008)           

Barque Cats Books

Catalyst         (2009)           

Catacombs   (2010)           

9 Tales O’ Cats Books

9 Tales O’ Cats         (2011)           

Bastet’s Blessing     (2011)           

Boon Companion    (2011)           

Born Again    (2011)           

Cat Among the Pigeons     (2011)           

The Cat Quest of Mu Mao the Magnificent     (2011)           

Final Vows    (2011)           

Mu Mao and the Court Oracle    (2011)           

The Queen’s Cat’s Tale      (2011)           

Tinkler Tam and the Body Snatchers      (2011)           

Spam the Cat Purranormal MysteriesBooks

Spam Vs the Vampire        (2011)           

Father Christmas: Spam the Cat’s First Christmas      (2012)           

The Tour Bus of Doom       (2012)           

Spam and the Sasquatch  (2016)           

Spam, the Spooks, and the UPS Bandit (2016)           

Standalone Novels

The Harem of Aman Akbar           (1984)           

The Healer’s War    (1988)           

Carol for Another Christmas        (1996)           

The Lady in the Loch          (1998)           

List of books by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Elizabeth Ann Scarborough.

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