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List of books by Ann Granger

List of Books Ann Granger with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Ann Granger. Find my selection in date order of Ann Granger.

Ann Granger List of Books to Read

Mitchell & Markby Books

Say It with Poison   (1991)           

A Season for Murder          (1991)           

Cold in the Earth     (1992)           

Murder Among Us  (1992)           

Where Old Bones Lie         (1993)           

A Fine Place for Death       (1994)           

Flowers for His Funeral      (1994)           

Candle for a Corpse            (1995)           

A Touch of Mortality          (1996)           

A Word After Dying            (1996)           

Call the Dead Again            (1998)           

Beneath These Stones       (1999)           

Shades of Murder   (2000)           

A Restless Evil          (2002)           

That Way Murder Lies       (2004)           


Fran Varady Books

Asking for Trouble  (1997)           

Keeping Bad Company       (1997)           

Running Scared       (1998)           

Risking it All  (2001)           

Watching Out          (2003)           

Mixing with Murder           (2005)           

Rattling the Bones  (2007)           

Lizzie Martin Books

A Rare Interest in Corpses            (2006)           

A Mortal Curiosity  (2008)           

A Better Quality of Murder          (2010)           

A Particular Eye for Villainy          (2012)           

The Testimony of the Hanged Man        (2014)           

The Dead Woman of Deptford    (2016)           

The Murderer’s Apprentice          (2019)           

Campbell & Carter Books

Mud, Muck and Dead Things       (2009)           

Rack, Ruin and Murder     (2011)           

Bricks and Mortality           (2013)           

Dead in the Water  (2015)           

Rooted in Evil           (2017)           

An Unfinished Murder       (2018)           

Standalone Novels

A Poor Relation       (1979)           

Summer Heiress      (1982)           

The Garden of the Azure Dragon            (1986)           

The Unexpected American           (1989)           

A Scandalous Bargain        (1990)           

False Fortune           (1991)

List of books by Ann Granger

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Ann Granger.


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