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List of books by Andrew Wareham

List of Books Andrew Wareham with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Andrew Wareham. Find my selection in date order of Andrew Wareham.

Andrew Wareham List of Books to Read

Poor Man at the Gate Books

The Privateersman (2013)           

Nouveau Riche        (2014)           

Born To Privilege     (2014)           

The Pain Of Privilege          (2014)           

Privilege Preserved (2014)           

Illusions Of Change (2014)           

The Old Order          (2014)           

The Wages Of Virtue          (2014)           

A Parade Of Virtue  (2015)           

The Vice Of Virtue   (2015)           

Virtue’s Reward       (2015)           

Victorian Dawn        (2016)           

Duty and Destiny Books

The Friendly Sea      (2014)           

The Bitter Land        (2014)           

The Fuzzy-wuzzy Man        (2014)           

Britannia’s Son        (2014)           

Fortune And Glory  (2015)           

Sugar and Spice       (2015)           

The Odd-job Man   (2015)           

A Busy Season         (2016)           

Far Foreign   (2016)           

Tall Orders    (2016)           

Deadly Shores          (2017)           

Shores of Barbary   (2017)           

Half a Victory           (2017)           

Destiny Achieved    (2018)           

Man of Conflict Books

The Soldier Brat      (2015)           

Raging Rajahs          (2015)           

Fire and Folly           (2016)           

Blood and Famine   (2016)           

Spanish Tricks          (2016)           

A Soldier’s Farewell            (2017)           

Making of a Man Books

A Victorian Gent     (2015)           

Dire Shenanigans    (2015)           

An Uncertain Peace            (2016)           

Cannibal Country Books

Long Way Place       (2015)           

A Place Called Home          (2015)           

A New Place (2018)           

Innocents at War Books

When Empires Collide        (2016)           

A Deadly Caper        (2017)           

No Longer A Game (2017)           

Dark Days Of Summer        (2017)           

Bursting Balloons    (2017)           

A Wretched Victory            (2017)           


Colonial Warrior Books

Billy Bacon and the Soldier Slaves          (2017)           

Billy Bacon and the Spanish Main           (2018)           

Earl’s Other Son Books

The China Station   (2018)           

Shanghai Dreams    (2018)           

Chinese Whispers   (2019)           

Gin Lane Books

The Killing Man        (2018)           

A Killing Too Far      (2018)           

Nobody’s Child Books

Nobody’s Child        (2019)           


Years of Blood Books

Bold and Blooded   (2019)           

Standalone Novels

Hungry Harry           (2016)           

A Pinchbeck Peer    (2018)

List of books by Andrew Wareham

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Andrew Wareham.

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