Andrea Leadsom Twitter Favorite Post Brexit PM


Leadsom the Twitter Favorite

Andrea Leadsom Twitter Favorite Post Brexit PM – After Leadsom announced her intention to run for the Conservative party leadership, her twitter followers quickly sent in positive feedback.

Official Twitter poll undertaken by Australia Unwrapped yesterday. The poll participants were in excess of 2000 people, with 76% favoring Andrea Leadsom and an amazing 436 Re-Tweets.

Penny Mordaunt nominated her.

“So proud to have nominated the brilliant @andrealeadsom for the Leader of the Conservative Party,” she tweeted.

Andrea Leadsom replied telling her of how much delighted she is. She said she is looking forward to make the most of the Brexit opportunities.

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Most of her Leave Campaign supporters believe that she is the best candidate to take over the leadership.

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The Leavers are fully behind her

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Leaders congratulate Leadsom – Andrea Leadsom Twitter Favorite

Penny Mordaunt, Leadsom’s nominator, and other leaders also took it to twitter.

Steve Baker said:

“I’m proud to back @andrealeadsom for the leader and PM – Andrea will be the #FreshStart we need.”

Chris Green also tweeted:

“I am supporting @andrealeadsom for the leader of the Conservative party.” The MP added that she will deliver a bright future for the UK.

This tweet was liked 1, 033 times.

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Former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith became the latest prominent politician to back Andrea.

IDS said that he believes in the strength of Andrea and her strong family background. Her other virtues include dedication, experience and commitment to social justice. All these “will make her a great Prime Minister.”

This is great news to those who are fully behind her candidature. The endorsement is also a blow to Michael Gove.

#Andrea4PM a huge trend

The hash tag #Andrea4PM took twitter by storm.

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Andrea Leadsom Twitter Favorite, now show you support and write to your local MP demanding they support Andrea Leadsom. UK Future just got a little brighter.

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Andrea Leadsom the next British Prime Minister?






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