Andrea Leadsom – the Peoples Choice

Next British Prime Minister? David Cameron informed the public of his intentions to resign after the exit EU vote. That means the process of getting a new Prime Minister will begin. Things are different this time round. We will move from the past where the PM is selected using a general election. Instead, party activists will do the picking.

During his resignation notice, David Cameron said that “We should have a new Prime Minister in place in October.”

Can Andrea Leadsom become the new British Prime minister?

The 53-year-old energy minister has had suggestions to step forward for the post. Some of her supporters are of the opinion that Boris Johnson group will not negotiate a good exit EU deal.

What made her come into the lime light was how she remarkably performed in the ITV and BBC Wembley referendum debates.

Prominent pro-Brexit figures in the world and within the City will come up with a manifesto to assist Britain exit EU properly. The purpose is to shield UK from falling trap of future euro zone bail outs.

Senior Tories are ready to support Ms Leadsom and other top Brexit campaigners like Priti Patel.

Ms Leadsom and Margaret Thatcher seem to be running on the same course. The former became the Tory leader aged the same as Leadsom.

Andrea had a fantastic campaign and she is the best potential candidate from the true Brexiteers who can challenge Boris.

Once Andrea becomes the British prime minister, her most likely deputy could be Priti Patel. She is Britain’s senior-most minister with links to India and vehemently campaigned in favor of Brexit. She has served as the minister for employment, a key position that politicians use to garner for votes.

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