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Top 5 Tracks of Anderson .Paak

We know how excited you are to be swept away by music through Anderson .Paaks Top 5 Tracks. Australian Unwrapped would like to give you first a glimpse of the life of the artist. Enjoy reading and listening!

All about Anderson .Paak 

Who is Anderson .Paak: American rapper Anderson .Paak was born Brandon Paak Anderson. His debut mixtape, O.B.E. Vol. 1, was released in 2012 and followed by Venice in 2014. Following Malibu, which was nominated for Best Urban Contemporary Album at the Grammy Awards in 2016, he released Oxnard in 2018. The song “Bubblin” won Paak his first Grammy award for Best Rap Performance at the 61st Grammy Awards. He won two Grammys for “Come Home” (featuring André 3000) at the 2020 Grammy Awards for Best R&B Album and Best R&B Performance.

Full Name: Brandon Paak Anderson

Also Known As: Breezy Lovejoy – Cheeky Andy – DJ Pee .Wee

Born: February 8, 1986

Origin: Oxnard, California, U.S.

Genres: Soul – Funk – Hip hop – Pop – R&B

Zodiac: Aquarius

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During his time at Foothill Technology High School, Anderson began producing music from his bedroom.
He first experienced performing as a musician was at his family’s church as a drummer.
A Korean mother and African American father raised him.

We freaking love music here at Unwrapped, and we adore Anderson .Paak. In our humble opinion, here are the BEST FIVE SONGS by the legendary Anderson .Paak (most liked, listened and downloaded songs) across the web!!!

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Five All-Time Best Songs of Anderson .Paak

        1. Leave The Door Open
        2. Smokin Out The Window
        3. Skate
        4. Fly As Me
        5. After Last Night (with Thundercat & Bootsy Collins)

Leave The Door Open

Length: 4:02

Release: 2021

Opening Lyrics:

Said baby, said baby, said baby
What you doing? (What you doing?)
Where you at? (Where you at?)
Oh, you got plans? (You got plans?)
Don’t say that (shut your trap)
I’m sipping wine (sip, sip) in a robe (drip, drip)
I look too good (look too good) to be alone (woo-woo)
My house clean (house clean), my pool warm (pool warm)
Just shaved (smooth like a newborn)
We should be dancing, romancing
In the east wing and the west wing
Of this mansion, what’s happening?
I ain’t playing no games
Every word that I say is coming straight from the heart
So if you tryna lay in these arms

Smokin Out The Window

Length: 3:17

Release: 2021

Opening Lyrics:

Wait a minute, this love started off so tender, so sweet
But now she got me smokin’ out the window
Mh, mh, mh
Must’ve spent thirty five
Forty five thousand up in Tiffany’s (oh, no)
Got her badass kids runnin’ ’round my whole crib
Like it’s Chuck E. Cheese (whoa, whoa)
Put me in a jam with her ex-man in the UFC
Can’t believe it (can’t believe it)
I’m in disbelief
This bitch got me payin’ her rent, payin’ for trips
Diamonds on her neck, diamonds on her wrist
And here I am all alone (all alone), uh
I’m so cold, I’m so cold
You got me out here


Length: 3:23

Release: 2021

Opening Lyrics:

Oh my, oh my
In a room full of dimes
You would be a hundred dollars
If bein’ fine was a crime
Girl, they’d lock your lil’ fine ass up in a tower
The way you move like you do
Ooh, it’s like you do it for a livin’
Do a lil’ spin, do it again
Shit, look like you playin’ for the win, oh, baby
I’m tryna roll, I’m tryna ride
I’m tryna float, I’m tryna glide
No, no, don’t be shy, just take my hand and hold on tight
Oh, skate to me, baby (skate)
Slide your way on over (slide your way on over)
Oh, skate to me, baby (skate)
I wanna get to know ya (I wanna get to know ya)

Fly As Me

Length: 3:39

Release: 2021

Opening Lyrics:

One, two, make you wanna, uh
Yeah, yeah
Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay
Now have you ever been with a player?
Take you downtown where they treat me like the mayor
Take you to the crib, we can take it upstairs (what’s upstairs?)
Shit, I’ma show you later
Don’t need a spatula, everything catered
Extra flavor, go ‘head
Sprinkle some truffle on your mashed potatoes
I’m tryna love, is you gon’ love me back?
You only get what you give, ain’t you heard of that?
Look here
I don’t ask for much
You know what I want
I just want what’s fair (huh)
I’ll bring that fire and desire, baby

After Last Night (with Thundercat & Bootsy Collins)

Length: 4:09

Release: 2021

Opening Lyrics:

Damn, I don’t even know who I was last night
It’s just somethin’ about you
You just make me feel, mmh
Was it good for you?
Ooh, baby
Now I don’t know what you did when you did what you did
But you did it, girl
See, normally I don’t stutter but you d-d-d-d-do it to me
(Silk Sonic)
Wishin’ on a shootin’ star, say a prayer for me
I hope it comes true, ooh-woo-woo-woo (ah, yeah)
Throw my phone out the window, there’s no player in me
Those days are through (those days are over, baby)
Ah-ha, ah-ha (uh, wait a minute now)
you put it on me like I never felt before
(Ooh) that gushy, gushy good, girl, I want some more

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