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Quotes, who doesn’t love a good quote? This series of articles we look at Top 10 Famous Quotes by Author Amy Sandas, author quotes are always a challenge and fun to pick, with Amy Sandas you will find my Ten favourites of Amy Sandas’s quotes. 

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“You should not have kissed me,” she replied breathlessly.
“I do a lot of things I shouldn’t. It does not mean I won’t do them again.”
― Amy Sandas,Luck Is No Lady

 “Lily Chadwick knew there was something different about the fiercely scowling gentleman the first moment she saw him.
She could feel it.
The instant their gazes met, caught, held, something skittered across her skin like a rain of white sparks. It entered her bloodstream, heating her from the inside until her breath became stilted and her knees went alarmingly weak.
He stared at her from beneath a brow drawn low in a forbidding expression. His eyes were so dark, even the light of the glittering ballroom could not be reflected there. The angles of his face were hard, his jaw sharply defined, and he held his mouth in a harsh line that attempted to harden the full curve of his lower lip but didn’t quite manage it.
Lily tried to glance away demurely, but she couldn’t seem to manage. She felt a flutter that became a tightening in her belly. Her heart stopped, skipped a few beats, then started up again in a frantic rhythm as he just kept watching her.
Despite his severe, aloof appearance, something about him reached out to her, touching her with an intrinsic sort of recognition. It left her feeling as though she stood in the heart of a firestorm. She sensed with a certainty beyond rational explanation that his unyielding manner was a facade, as if he were a hero in some gothic novel. There was passion in him. She felt it in every quickened, prey-like breath she took while frozen under his intent stare.
The silent interaction between them was becoming more inappropriate by the minute, yet she could not compel herself to break away. As though caught in an invisible trap, she stared back at him while her hands began to sweat and her stomach trembled.”
― Amy Sandas, The Untouchable Earl

“There was so much heat. So much tenderness in the way her body accepted his. Encompassing, consuming, drawing on his final reserves. It was a sensation unlike anything he could have imagined.
Finally, he could take no more. Tensing his buttocks, he gave one long thrust and drove deeply into her core. His jaw clenched, and a guttural moan caught in his throat. He nearly closed his eyes in an instinctive urge to contain the fierce rush of pleasure, but he could not look away from Lily’s face.
The tip of her tongue pressed delicately against the top row of her parted teeth as she gasped for breath.
It was the only reaction she gave to the rending of her maidenhead.
While he felt as though he had trespassed into nirvana. Being inside her, fully encased in her warmth, was more powerful a feeling than he had ever expected. It was possession and surrender at once.
Each ragged breath he drew as he remained still and focused on managing the overwhelming stimulation only made his body crave more. As stunning and intimate as it was to feel so connected with Lily, there was an undeniable force within him, demanding he take them both to the limit of what they could endure.
He knew he should wait, allow her body to adjust to his intrusion, but he couldn’t. He had been reduced to nothing but a primitive urge to finally, finally explore the bone-deep pleasure of being joined with this woman.
And it was pleasure, he realized in awe. Full, encompassing, undeniable pleasure.
The flashes of pain across his affected nerves were not nearly enough to distract from the beauty of everything else he felt.”
― Amy Sandas, The Untouchable Earl

 “But for now, you are only mine,” she said a bit more fiercely than she had intended. “And I am not ready to share you with them all just yet.”
His low laugh, which had been coming more easily lately, rolled freely from his throat as he brought her back into his arms.
“Yet, you force meto share you,” he stated. “You realize that once we are married, I will be able to take you away on a grand honeymoon. It will be just the two of us. Not only for the darkest hours of the night,” he murmured suggestively as his hands began to roam up and down the length of her back, inciting delicious shivers. He lowered his head beside hers to tease the sensitive skin of her neck with his lips and breath. “But all day, as well. Through sunrise, midday, and dusk. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”
Lily sighed, melting into him. Her hands reached around to grasp his buttocks, and she pressed her lips to his bare shoulder before asking, “Can we take all of our meals to bed?”
His laughter was deep, rolling, and infectious as he stepped away.
“I had better get you home, or I shall make another meal of you.”
― Amy Sandas, The Untouchable Earl

 “I love the quiet beauty of the night sky,” she continued thoughtfully, “filled with mystery and starlight, but there is something magical about the dawn. It is strange, When the sky begins to lighten and soft colors first appear, the transition is so gentle you hardly notice it. But if you are aware enough to observe, if you take the time to really be a part of the transformation, it feels…”
Her explanation trailed off. She found it difficult to find the words to properly describe the wonder she felt as she experienced the very common daily occurrence.
“It feels like it possesses all the possibilities of life,” Avenell offered quietly.
Lily turned in place. She slipped her arms around his naked torso and tipped her head back to look into his face. Her smile was so wide her cheeks ached, but she did not hold back. Her joy in the past few months had grown by leaps and bounds, and only because of how much she had seen her happiness reflected in the man she loved.
Love flowed freely between them as he lowered his head to take her mouth in a kiss that was slow and deep.”
― Amy Sandas, The Untouchable Earl

 “At least now he finally had her to himself. He slid an intent gaze over the vision she presented.
The pure white of her gown was cinched tightly beneath her breasts before falling gently past the generous curves of her waist and hips. Her bodice was overlaid with lace and fitted securely over her bosom, suggesting the lushness there but revealing only a modest expanse of bare skin.
Her slim neck was arched proudly as she endured his perusal. Her gloved hands were clasped in front of her, and her lips, a perfect rosy pink, were shaped into a gentle bow as her gray eyes stared back at him. There was caution in her gaze.
She was the epitome of the sweet and modest maiden.
And she had agreed to be his.
Deep disquiet rolled through him. He had begun something that went way beyond his capabilities. He knew it, but he couldn’t stop his forward progression.
He wanted her.”
― Amy Sandas, The Untouchable Earl

“He did not move from the door, but stood watching her, a possessive gleam in his eyes.
Licks of flame danced through her blood, and the boldness she had momentarily possessed left her in a long exhale. He wanted her. It was an amazing thought. And though the forbidden novels she had read had given her more insight into what happened between a man and a woman in the bedroom than any young lady should have, there was simply no way to feel prepared for what was to come.
Even though this moment was inevitable and had been from the first time she had seen him.
As she stared back at him, his brows lowered even farther over his eyes, intensifying the delicate anticipation roaring through Lily’s body.
His rich voice, when he spoke, flowed through her like fine wine.
“Remove your cloak.”
― Amy Sandas, The Untouchable Earl

 “She stared critically at her reflection in the mirror above her dressing table, studying her features in a way she had never done before. Lifting her chin, she looked first this way then that, trying to identify what it was Lord Harte saw in her as desirable.
She was so dreadfully ordinary.
Medium brown hair parted in the middle. Muted gray eyes that did not snap with determination and intelligence like Emma’s or glitter with mystery and excitement like Portia’s. A straight nose with a base she always thought was a bit too wide. A common enough chin, cheekbones that were nicely defined, and rather straight brown eyebrows beneath a high forehead.”
― Amy Sandas, The Untouchable Earl

“It is rather warm in here anyway.”
The heat that spread through Avenell’s chest had nothing to do with the room and everything to do with the woman who stood patiently waiting for his response to her casual suggestion.
With a rueful curve of his lips, he walked toward her, enjoying the way her gaze flickered over his bared torso with admiration. The desire that never quite went away when he was in her presence flared bright in response.”
― Amy Sandas, The Untouchable Earl

“She reached first for one labeled The Glory of Gardenia and quickly set it down after a brief sniff. The flowery scent was fiercely overwhelming. She continued down the row, trying several more: one scented with orange blossoms and juniper, one laced with lavender, one that contained an interesting blend of rose and mint, and one that was crisp with the scent of lemon and some exotic spice.”
― Amy Sandas, The Untouchable Earl

10 Famous Quotes by Author Amy Sandas

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One Final Bonus – Amy Sandas Quote 

“Inside, on a bed of black velvet, lay an exquisite perfume bottle designed from rose-colored glass caged in a silver overlay that twined about the glass like living vines. In the very center of the oval shaped bottle, the silver was formed into the image of a lily in full bloom.
It was likely the most precious and expensive gift Lily had ever been given. She ran her fingertips over the delicate silver work before lifting the bottle from its velvet bed to allow the candlelight to shine through the rose-colored glass.
She noticed then a folded slip of paper still in the box. Setting the perfume bottle in the valley of her lap, she lifted the paper and broke the tiny wax seal.
In his precise, slanted script, Lord Harte had written:

I was unforgivably remiss in not having a gift for you the other night. I chose the elements for this blend myself. It made me think of you.

Lily brushed her thumb over the ink before setting the note back into the box. Then she shifted the bottle and removed the glass stopper. The scent wafting from the bottle was light, but heady. She noticed first the rich notes of clove and honey before her senses were claimed by the smooth, velvety scent of jasmine. Lily closed her eyes, allowing the aromatic infusion to settle into her awareness. There was another element hidden deep within the perfume. A layer of earthiness that warmed her blood. Sandalwood.
Lily was enthralled. It was a complex and lovely scent. Floral and exotic, light and dark. Impossibly sensual.
And it made him think of her.
Something deep and fundamental spread through her core, and she understood why young ladies were warned so often not to accept gifts from gentlemen. It was a personal and intimate thing to acknowledge how he had wanted her to have something he chose himself.”

― Amy Sandas, The Untouchable Earl

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