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List of books by Amy Lane

List of Books Amy Lane with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Amy Lane. Find my selection in date order of Amy Lane.

Amy Lane List of Books to Read

Little Goddess Books

Vulnerable    (2005)           

Wounded      (2006)           

Bound            (2007)           

Rampant       (2010)           

Wounded, Vol. 2     (2015)           

Quickening, Vol. 1  (2017)           

Quickening, Vol. 2  (2017)           

Bitter Moon Books

Triane’s Son Rising  (2013)           

Triane’s Son Learning         (2013)           

Triane’s Son Fighting          (2014)           

Triane’s Son Reigning         (2014)           


Keeping Promise Rock Books

Keeping Promise Rock       (2010)           

Making Promises    (2010)           

Living Promises        (2011)           

Talker Books

Talker (2010)           

Talker’s Redemption          (2011)           

Talker’s Graduation            (2011)           

Green’s Hill Books

Litha’s Constant Whim      (2010)           

I Love You, Asshole!           (2011)           

Guarding the Vampire’s Ghost    (2010)           

Green’s Hill Werewolves Books

Yearning        (2011)           

Waiting         (2011)           

Reaching       (2011)           

Changing       (2011)           

Becoming      (2011)           

Being  (2011)           

Knitting Books

The Winter Courtship Rituals of Fur-bearing Critters (2011)           

Super Sock Man      (2012)           

How to Raise an Honest Rabbit   (2012)           

Knitter in His Natural Habitat      (2012)           

Blackbird Knitting in a Bunny’s Lair        (2014)           

The Granby Knitting Menagerie  (2014)           

Ryan & Scott Books

Puppy, Car, and Snow        (2011)           

Johnnies Books

Chase in Shadow     (2012)           

Dex in Blue   (2012)           

Ethan in Gold           (2013)           

Black John     (2015)           

City Mouse, Country Mouse Books

City Mouse, Country Mouse        (2013)           

Candy Man Books

Candy Man   (2014)           

Bitter Taffy   (2015)           

Tart and Sweet        (2016)           

Lollipop         (2016)           

Beneath The Stain Books

Beneath the Stain   (2014)           

Paint it Black            (2019)           

Tales Of The Curious Cookbook Books

Food for Thought    (2015)           

Tales of the Curious Cookbook    (2015)           

Bluewater Bay Books

Lights, Camera, Cupid!      (2015)           

Selfie  (2016)           

Winter Ball Books

Winter Ball   (2015)           

Summer Lessons     (2016)           

Fish Out Of Water Books


Fish Out of Water   (2016)           

Red Fish, Dead Fish            (2017)           

A Few Good Fish     (2018)           

Hiding the Moon     (2018)           

Mannies Books

The Virgin Manny   (2017)           

Manny Get Your Guy         (2017)           

Stand by Your Manny        (2018)           

Familiar Love Books

Familiar Angel          (2017)           

Familiar Demon       (2019)           

Standalone Novels

Truth in the Dark     (2010)           

Bewitched By Bella’s Brother       (2010)           

Hammer & Air          (2010)           

The Locker Room    (2011)           

A Solid Core of Alpha         (2011)           

Clear Water  (2011)           

It’s Not Shakespeare          (2011)           

Do-over         (2012)           

Gambling Men         (2012)           

Sidecar          (2012)           

Mourning Heaven   (2012)           

Turkey in the Snow (2012)           

Under the Rushes   (2012)           

Bolt-hole       (2013)           

Racing for the Sun  (2013)           

Forever Promised   (2013)           

Left On: St. Truth-be-Well            (2013)           

Christmas Kitsch     (2013)           

Behind the Curtain (2014)           

Shiny! (2014)           

The Bells of Times Square (2014)           

Immortal       (2015)           

The Deep of the Sound      (2015)           

Shirt   (2016)           

Freckles         (2016)           

Bonfires         (2017)           

Regret Me Not        (2017)           

Homebird      (2018)           

String Boys   (2019)           

Warm Heart (2019)           

Short Stories

Lives of the Saints   (1999)           

Rosemilk       (1999)           

Skeleton        (1999)           

Lives of the Milk Bones      (2005)           

If I Must        (2009)           

Christmas with Danny Fit  (2010)           

Going Up       (2013)           

Phonebook   (2016)           

Short Story Collections

Incognito: Three Plays Under Assumed Names           (1999)           

Three Fates  (2012)           

Omnibus Books

Bitter Moon I           (2008)           

Bitter Moon II          (2009)           

The Talker Collection: Books 1 – 3           (2012)           

Country Mouse       (2012)           

The Green’s Hill Werewolves: Volume I (2013)           

The Green’s Hill Werewolves: Volume II            (2014)

List of books by Amy Lane

So there you have a list of book and date of publication from the AuthorAmy Lane

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