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List of books by Amy Cross

List of Books Amy Cross with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Amy Cross. Find my selection in date order of Amy Cross.

Amy Cross List of Books to Read

Dark Season Books

Dark Season (2012)           

Dark Season 2          (2012)           

Dark Season 3          (2013)           

John Mason Books

The Dead and the Dying    (2013)           

Publication Order of Lupine Howl One Books

Lupine Howl: The Complete First Series            (2013)           

Lupine Howl Two Books

Lupine Howl: The Complete Second Series       (2012)           

Asylum Books

Asylum           (2014)           

Meds  (2015)           

The Madness of Annie Radford   (2018)           

Library Books


Journey to the Library        (2014)           

Mass Extinction Event Books

Days 1-4        (2018)           

Days 5-8        (2018)           

Days 9-16      (2018)           

Days 46-53   (2018)           

Days 54-61   (2018)           

Day 100         (2018)           

Heights Books

Other People’s Bodies       (2013)


Shades Books

The Shades   (2013)           

Ward Z Books

Ward Z          (2013)           


Apocalypse   (2019)           

Abby Hart Chronicles Books

Vampire Asylum      (2014)           

Demon’s Grail

Ascension     (2017)           

Evolution       (2018)           

The 13th Demon     (2018)

House of Jack the Ripper

Broken Window      (2017)           

In Darkness Dwell   (2017)           

Cradle to Grave       (2017)           

The Lady Screams   (2017)           

A Beast Well Tamed           (2017)           

Doctor Charles Grazier      (2017)           

The Raven Watcher            (2017)           

The Final Act            (2017)

Joanna Mason Books

The House of Broken Backs          (2014)           

The Return of Rachel Stone         (2017)           

Dead Souls

Arrival on Thaxos    (2018)           

Birthright      (2018)           

A Man of Ghosts     (2018)           

Guided by Evil          (2018)           

Child of a Bloodied Hand   (2018)           

Promises of the Dead         (2018)           

Cursed Across Time            (2018)           

Destiny of the Dead            (2018)           

The Death of Jennifer Kazakos     (2018)           

The Horror of Raven’s Briar Orphanage            (2018)           

The Witch of Thaxos          (2018)           

The Rise of Ashalla  (2018)           

Return to Thaxos    (2018)           

Broken Trilogy Books


Broken Blue  (2018)           

Broken White          (2018)

Grave Girl Books


Grave Girl     (2018)           

Raven Revivals         (2018)           

The Gravest Girl of All        (2018)           

Detective Laura Foster Books

The Dying Streets    (2018)           

The Art of Dying      (2018)           

Fallen Heroes           (2018)           


Lupina Howl Books

Werewolves of Soho          (2018)           

Werewolves of the Other London          (2018)           

The Children of Black Annis          (2018)           

Destiny of the Last Wolf    (2018)           

Robinson Chronicles Books

Ghosts of the River Thames         (2018)           

Angels in the Machine       (2018)           

Publication Order of Ophelia Books

Ophelia          (2014)           

Ghosts of London Books

The Ghosts of London       (2014)           

Death Herself Books

Alice Isn’t Well         (2015)           

The House on Everley Street        (2015)           

The Dead Ones        (2016)           


Island Books

The Island     (2015)           

Persona         (2016)           

The Abyss      (2017)           

Nykolas Freeman Books

The Priest Hole        (2015)           

Battlefield     (2016)           

Deal Books

The Devil, The Witch and The Whore    (2016)           

Like Stones on a Crow’s Back       (2018)           

Briarwych Church Books

The Haunting of Briarwych Church         (2018)           

The Horror of Briarwych Church (2018)           

The Ghost of Briarwych Church  (2018)           

Standalone Novels

The Hollow Church (2013)           

The Girl Who Never Came Back  (2013)           

The Devil’s Photographer  (2014)           

The Prison     (2014)           

The Girl Clay (2015)           

The Pornographer’s Wife  (2015)           

The Farm       (2015)           

The Haunting of Emily Stone        (2015)           

Annie’s Room           (2015)           

Take Me to Church (2015)           

Eli’s Town      (2015)           

The Cabin      (2015)           

The Lighthouse        (2015)           

At The Edge of The Forest (2015)           

The Devil’s Hand      (2015)           

After the Cabin        (2016)           

A House in London (2016)           

The Blood House     (2016)           

The Ghost of Shapley Hall (2016)           

The Death of Addie Gray   (2016)           

The Girl With Crooked Fangs       (2016)           

Last Wrong Turn     (2016)           

The Body at Auercliff         (2016)           

The Printer From Hell         (2016)           

The Dog         (2016)           

The Nurse     (2016)           

The Haunting of Blackwych Grange       (2016)           

The Disappearance of Katie Wren          (2016)           

The Horror of Devil’s Root Lake   (2016)           

B&B    (2016)           

The Bride of Ashbyrn House         (2016)           

The Ghosts of Lakeforth Hotel     (2016)           

Laura  (2017)           

The Curse of Wetherley House    (2017)           

The Murder at Skellin Cottage     (2017)           

The Ghosts of Hexley Airport       (2017)           

American Coven      (2017)           

Haunted        (2017)           

The Ash House         (2017)           

The Camera Man    (2017)           

The Ghost of Molly Holt    (2017)           

The Soul Auction     (2017)           

Stephen         (2017)           

The Mermaid’s Revenge    (2017)           

The Spider    (2017)           

Friend from the Internet   (2018)           

The Girl Who Threw Rocks at the Devil (2018)           

Beautiful Familiar   (2018)           

One Night at a Soul Auction         (2018)           

16 Frames of the Devil’s Face      (2018)           

The Haunting of Caldgrave House           (2018)           

Better the Devil       (2018)           

The Curse of Ah-Qal’s Tomb         (2018)           

The Devil’s Blade     (2018)           

The Haunting of Hardstone Jail   (2018)           

The Haunting of Marshall Heights          (2018)           

Terror at Camp Everbee    (2018)           

A Very Respectable Woman         (2018)           

The Wolves of Cureath      (2018)           

The Family Man       (2018)           

The Stars My Home            (2018)           

I Just Want You To Be Happy       (2018)           

The Man Who Saw the Face of the World        (2018)

List of books by Amy Cross

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Amy Cross.

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