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Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Amanda M. Lee. Find my selection in date order of Amanda M. Lee.

Amanda M. Lee List of Books to Read

Avery Shaw Books

Who, What, Where, When, Die  (2011)           

If It Bleeds, It Leads            (2012)           

Buried Leads            (2013)           

Shot Off the Presses           (2014)           

The Preditorial Page           (2014)           

Misquoted & Demoted     (2015)           

Headlines & Deadlines       (2015)           

Misprints & Mistakes         (2016)           

Bylines & Skylines   (2016)           

Off the Record         (2017)           

Unwritten & Underwater (2017)           

Extra! Extra! Dead All About It    (2018)           

On Deadline & Underfire  (2018)           

Above the Fold & Below the Belt            (2019)           

Oracles & Obituaries          (2019)

Covenant College Books

Awakening    (2012)           

Whispering   (2013)           

Conjuring      (2014)           

Waxing & Waning  (2014)           

Graduating   (2015)           

Wolf on the Job       (2019)           

Wicked Witches Of The Midwest Mysteries Books

Any Witch Way You Can   (2012)           

Every Witch Way But Wicked      (2013)           

Witching You Were Here  (2013)           

Witching on a Star  (2014)           

Something to Witch About          (2014)           

Close Encounters of the Witchy Kind     (2018)           

Witch Me Luck        (2015)           

Life’s a Witch           (2015)           

Charms & Witchdemeanors         (2016)           

A Witch in Time       (2016)           

The Trouble with Witches (2016)           

Murder Most Witchy         (2017)           

A Witch Before Dying        (2017)           

A Breath of Witchy Air       (2018)           

Witch, Interrupted (2018)           

Flip the Witch Switch         (2019)           

Aisling Grimlock Books

Grim Tidings (2014)           

Grim Offerings         (2015)           

Grim Discovery        (2015)           

Grim Reunion          (2016)           

Grim Expectations  (2016)           

Grim Holiday            (2017)           

Grim Rising   (2017)           

Grim Tempest          (2018)           

Grim Vows    (2018)           

Aisling Grimlock Novellas/Short Stories

Grim Like Me           (2018)           

Grim & The City       (2018)           

Grim & Bear It         (2018)           

The Grim & the Dead         (2018)

Wicked Witches Of The Midwest Short Stories

Careful What You Witch For        (2015)           

Wicked Brew            (2015)           

On a Witch and a Prayer   (2015)           

You Only Witch Once         (2015)           

The Christmas Witch          (2015)           

Bewitched    (2016)           

A Solstice Celebration        (2016)           

Witchdependence Day      (2016)           

Happy Witchgiving (2016)           

Merry Witchmas     (2016)           

Four-Leaf Clover      (2017)           

Thistle While You Work     (2017)           

Landon Calling         (2017)           

I Dream of Twila      (2017)           

How Aunt Tillie Stole Christmas  (2017)

Mystic Caravan Mysteries Books

Freaky Days  (2015)           

Freaky Lies    (2016)           

Freaky Hearts           (2017)           

Freaky Games          (2017)           

Freaky Places           (2018)           

Freaky Rites  (2018)           

Freaky Witches        (2019)           

Luke on the Loose   (2019)           

Freaky Reapers        (2019)           

Wicked Witches Of The Midwest Fairy Tales Books

Witchy Tales (2015)           

A Witch in Time       (2016)           

Make A Witch          (2017)           

A Witchmas Carol   (2017)           

All My Witches        (2017)           

Living Covenant Trilogy Books


Rising Covenant      (2016)           

Dark Covenant         (2016)           

Eternal Covenant    (2016)           

Dying Covenant Trilogy Books

Haunted Covenant (2017)           

Desperate Covenant          (2017)           

Everlasting Covenant         (2017)           


Charlie Rhodes Cozy Mysteries Books

The Bigfoot Blunder           (2017)           

The Chupacabra Catastrophe      (2017)           

The Werewolf Whoops     (2018)           

The Megalodon Mix-Up    (2018)           

Millie on a Mission (2019)           

Moonstone Bay Cozy Mysteries Books

Witchin’ USA            (2017)           

Witch Out of Water           (2018)           

Freaky Deaky Tiki    (2019)           

Cupid in Crisis          (2019)           

Hex Type Thing        (2020)           


Death Gate Grim Reaper Books

Only the Lonely       (2018)           

Only the Quiet         (2019)


Spell’s Angels Cozy Mysteries Books

Bad to the Crone     (2019)           

No Crones About It (2019)           

List of books by Amanda M. Lee

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Amanda M. Lee.


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