Alice LaPlante’s Top 10 Popular and Famous Quotes

Ten of My Favourite Alice LaPlante Quotes 

Quotes, who doesn’t love a good quote? This series of articles we look at Top 10 Famous Quotes by Author Alice LaPlante, author quotes are always a challenge and fun to pick, with Alice LaPlante you will find my Ten favourites of Alice LaPlante’s quotes. 

Popular Quotes

“Yes, Halloween excites me. That whole time of year, autumn, I find exhilarating. A passionate season. The others are so bland. In the fall, you see opportunities for change. Real change. Possibilities present themselves. None of the renewal and redemption cliches of spring. No. Something darker and more primal and more important than that.”
― Alice LaPlante

 “People think it’s just forgetting your keys, she says. Or the words for things. But there are the personality changes. The mood swings. The
hostility and even violence. Even from the gentlest person in the world. You lose the person you love. And you are left with the shell… And you are expected to go on loving them even when they are no longer there. You are supposed to be loyal. It’s not
that other people expect it. It’s that you expect it of yourself. And you long for it to be over soon.”
― Alice LaPlante, Turn of Mind

“the secret of happy marriage: not honesty, not forgiveness, but acceptance that is a kind of respect for the other’s right to make mistakes.”
― Alice LaPlante, Turn of Mind

 “You learn, you grieve, you forgive, or at least you accept.”
― Alice LaPlante, Turn of Mind

 “Sometimes you want the outside world to match your interior reality, you said to James once, trying to explain why you loved thunderstorms. Another boom overhead and a streak of lightning on the right. Awesome, says the taxi driver, and catching your eye in the rearview mirror, he smiles.”
― Alice LaPlante, Turn of Mind

 “When thinking over one’s life, it’s the extreme moments that stand out. The peaks and the valleys. He was one of the highest peaks. In some ways looming larger than James. If James was a central mountain in the landscape of my life, then this other was a pinnacle of a different sort. Higher, sharper. You couldn’t build upon its fragile precipices. But the view was spectacular.”
― Alice LaPlante, Turn of Mind

“Three things in human life are important: The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind.”
― Alice LaPlante, A Circle of Wives

 “But to forgive, something has to touch you personally. This hasn’t touched me. That’s why I stopped believing in God. Who could worship someone that narcissistic, who takes everything anyone does as a personal affront?”
― Alice LaPlante, Turn of Mind

“Anybody can become angry—that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way—that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy.”
― Alice LaPlante, A Circle of Wives

“Marriages should be transparent, she says. They must withstand the glare of full sunlight.”
― Alice LaPlante, Turn of Mind

10 Famous Quotes by Author Alice LaPlante

So there you have it my Ten favourite quotes by Alice LaPlante, please comment below and share your favourite quotes by the fantastic author Alice LaPlante.  Furthermore, if you find any Authors not covered for there, top 10 quotes let me know and I will review their works and find some of their best quotes as has been done here for Alice LaPlante. 

One Final Bonus – Alice LaPlante Quote 

“find that it often takes more courage to stop doing something you despise than to continue blindly along the wrong path. You usually save yourself, and others, a lot of grief by acknowledging your failure and moving”

― Alice LaPlante, A Circle of Wives

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