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List of books by Alice Duncan

List of Books Alice Duncan with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Alice Duncan. Find my selection in date order of Alice Duncan.

Alice Duncan List of Books to Read

Dream Maker Books

The Cowboy for Hire          (2001)           

The Beauty and the Brain (2001)           

Her Leading Man    (2001)           

The Miner’s Daughter        (2001)

Meet Me at the Fair Books

Coming Up Roses    (2002)           

Just North of Bliss   (2002)           

A Bicycle Built for Two       (2002)

Daisy Gumm Majesty Books

Strong Spirits           (2003)           

Fine Spirits    (2003)           

High Spirits   (2008)           

Hungry Spirits          (2010)           

Genteel Spirits         (2011)           

Ancient Spirits         (2012)           

Dark Spirits   (2014)           

Spirits Revived         (2014)           

Spirits Onstage        (2015)           

Unsettled Spirits     (2015)           

Bruised Spirits         (2016)           

Spirits United           (2017)           

Shaken Spirits          (2018)           

Scarlet Spirits           (2019)


Pecos Valley Books

Pecos Valley Diamond       (2005)           

Pecos Valley Revival           (2011)           

Pecos Valley Incident         (2011)           

Pecos Valley Rainbow        (2013)           

Mercy Allcutt Books

Lost Among the Angels      (2006)           

Angel’s Flight           (2009)           

Fallen Angels            (2011)           

Angels of Mercy      (2012)           

Thanksgiving Angels           (2015)

Land of Enchantment Books

Enchanted Christmas         (1998)           

A Gentle Magic        (1999)           

A Gambler’s Magic (2000)           

Standalone Novels

One Bright Morning           (1995)           

Texas Lonesome      (1996)           

Christmas Pie           (1997)           

Wild Dream  (1997)           

Sweet Charity          (1997)           

Heaven’s Promise   (1998)           

Secret Hearts           (1998)           

Gabriel’s Fate           (2001)           

Heaven Sent (2001)           

Phoebe’s Valentine (2003)           

Sierra Ransom         (2003)           

Perfect Stranger      (2004)           

A Perfect Romance (2004)           

A Perfect Wedding (2005)           

Cactus Flower          (2006)                       

List of books by Alice Duncan

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Alice Duncan.


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