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List of books by Alexx Andria

List of Books Alexx Andria with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Alexx Andria. Find my selection in date order of Alexx Andria.

Alexx Andria List of Books to Read

Landry James Books

One Naughty Girl    (2011)           

One Naughty Girl 2 (2011)           

One Naughty Girl 3 (2012)           

One Naughty Girl 4 (2012)           

One Naughty Girl 5 (2012)

Breeding Prophecy Books

The Awakening        (2012)           

The Capture (2012)           

The Stolen    (2012)           

The Taking    (2012)           

The Pursued (2012)           

The Destined            (2012)

Forbidden Passion Books

A Secret Among Soulmates          (2012)           

One Night To Say Goodbye          (2013)           

Bought By The Billionaire Brothers Books

Bought By The Billionaire Brothers        (2012)           

Bought By The Billionaire Brothers 2     (2012)           

Bought By The Billionaire Brothers 3     (2012)           

Bought By The Billionaire Brothers 4     (2012)           

Bought By The Billionaire Brothers 5     (2013)           

Bought By The Billionaire Brothers 6     (2013)           

The Buchanan’s Baby         (2013)           

The Buchanan’s Redemption       (2013)           

A Christmas Promise          (2014)           

The Billionaire’s Sweet Surprise  (2015)

Leverage Books

Leverage Part One  (2013)           

Leverage Part Two  (2013)           

Leverage Part Three           (2014)           

Falling From Grace (2014)

Club Chrome Books

Kings of Asphalt      (2014)           

All Dogs Bite (2014)           

Up In Flames            (2014)

Blackmailed by the Billionaire Books

Coerced         (2015)           

Hitman & The Heiress Books

Irreversible   (2017)           

Dirty Sexy Rich Books

The Marriage Clause          (2018)           

Beddable Billionaire           (2018)

Standalone Novels

Pushed          (2015)           

Against The Wall     (2016)           

Payback         (2016)           

Caged (2017)           

Temporary    (2017)

Short Stories/Novellas

Badge Bunny Gangbang    (2011)           

Backstage Ass          (2011)           

Daddy’s Virgin Country Girl          (2011)           

Educating Daddy     (2011)           

Santa’s Sweet Treat           (2011)           

A Good Ol’ Country Boy    (2012)           

Hands Behind Your Back   (2012)           

Milk Maid To Order            (2012)           

Owned           (2012)           

P.S. I Fucked Your Boyfriend        (2012)           

Banged By My Brothers    (2012)           

Sold    (2012)           

Banged By My Brothers 2 (2012)           

Dominated By His Ghostly Touch            (2012)           

Milk Maid To Order 2         (2012)           

Bound To The Beast           (2012)           

A Rising Star (2013)           

Mated By Moonlight          (2013)           

The Sheik’s Harem Girl       (2013)           

Unwilling       (2013)           

Bad Boy With A Badge      (2015)           

Damaged      (2017)

List of books by Alexx Andria

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Alexx Andria.

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