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Ten of My Favourite Alexis Morgan Quotes 

Quotes, who doesn’t love a good quote? This series of articles we look at Top 10 Famous Quotes by Author Alexis Morgan, author quotes are always a challenge and fun to pick, with Alexis Morgan you will find my Ten favourites of Alexis Morgan’s quotes. 

Popular Quotes

“Lonzo made a show of patting down his pockets “Damn, I must have left my rope and grappling hook in my other pants.”
― Alexis Morgan

 “But know this, if you let me go, you’ll regret it forever, because sometimes the gods run out of patience with fools and take back the gifts they’ve offered.”
― Alexis Morgan

“The ping of the elevator door signaled their arrival at the bottom, just as an image flashed through his mind of Laurel huge with child–his child, their child. The very thought should scare him, but he found himself grinning.
Trahern was staring at him as if he’d grown a second head. “I don’t know where your mind is, Devlin, but it better be right here in this elevator with me.”
― Alexis Morgan, Dark Protector

 “I think he wants to use you to get to me, because I’m hard to corner.” Devlin picked up her suitcase. “Maybe if he figures if he threatens you, I’d walk into a trap bare-ass naked with my hands up.”
“And would you do that?” she asked, already knowing the answer.
“In a minute and with a smile on my face.”
― Alexis Morgan, Dark Protector

 “His name is Barak.”
“Damn it, Laurel, he’s not a pet who followed you home. You can’t keep him.” He cupped her face with his hand. “The best you can hope for is getting him stable and then shoving him across to his side the next time the barrier goes down.”
The Other groaned and struggled to sit up. “Kill me now, human. I will not go back.”
Devlin glared down at his enemy. “I can’t. If I kill you, she’ll kill me.” Either literally or by leaving him.
It didn’t help his mood any when Barak smiled and shook his head.
Trahern was leading the charge down the tunnel right toward them. As glad as Devlin was to see them, he raised his sword and prepared to defend the woman he loved and a half-dead Other.”
― Alexis Morgan, Dark Protector

 “Hey, mister, we’re not a bus stop. Order something or take a hike.” Ham-fisted and built like a linebacker, the bartender had a face that had survived more than a few barroom brawls. A couple of bikers at the far end of the bar looked up with interest, probably hoping to see their buddy in action.
Sandor knew he could take the guy, but now wasn’t the time to prove it.
“I’ll take a scotch on the rocks.” He pulled out two five-dollar bills and tossed them on the bar. “Hold the scotch and the rocks. Keep the change.”
The bartender and the other two looked at him like he was crazy. Finally, the bartender grinned.
“Turns out we’re having a special on that night.” He pushed a five back across the counter.
Sandor chuckled and accepted the bill. “Thanks.”
― Alexis Morgan, Dark Warrior Unbroken

“Maybe if he got to know her better, he could find a way to share the truth about Coop’s killer without betraying his people.
Sure, that was real likely. He could imagine her hanging on to every word as he explained that neither he nor Coop’s killer was really human, and both had powers straight out of a graphic novel or superhero comic book. He could prove his claim by shooting off a few energy bolts and making his eyes glow. Once that totally freaked her out, he could explain it was his sworn duty as a Talion to execute bad guys instead of letting the civil authorities do their job.”
― Alexis Morgan, Dark Warrior Unbroken

 “Sandor murmured to her between kisses, but her mind was too far gone to understand him. His words finally began to make sense as he asked the same question over and over again.
“Why are you after me, Lena?”
He was temptation itself, but she managed to hold back the information he was trying so hard to coax out of her.
She pulled back enough to smile up into those dark chocolate eyes of his. She slowly slid her hands down his arms, then dropped them to her sides, ending the connection between them. “It’s simple, if somewhat embarrassing. I like the way you look walking around town in that duster. I swear, if you could bottle that, you’d make us both rich.”
It was the truth, just not the truth he was looking for. And . . . it was hard to tell in the dim light in the alley, but his cheeks looked flushed. Was he actually blushing?”
― Alexis Morgan, Dark Warrior Unbroken

“Before he got to the end of the alley, she called after him, “And don’t sneak up on me. I wouldn’t want to mistake you for one of the bad guys.”
His teeth gleamed in the darkness as he grinned at her. “If you promise to kiss where it hurts, I might just let you shoot me.”
― Alexis Morgan, Dark Warrior Unbroken

“But really, all she truly cared about was wearing something wonderful for Sandor Kearn. Even in jeans and a casual shirt, he looked like he belonged in a fashion magazine. If they were going to pass for a couple out for the evening, she couldn’t look like his poor relation.
She had also bought a new lacy bra and panties. She wasn’t sure she wanted Sandor to know about those, but after that kiss in her hotel room, she might be willing to let him in on the secret.
“That dress was so made with you in mind.” The clerk, a matronly woman in her early sixties, motioned for Lena to do another turn. “I’m supposed to say that no matter what the outfit looks like, but in this case it’s true. Whoever the lucky guy is, I’d like to be a mouse in the corner when he sees you in that.” She fanned her face with her hand. “I bet he goes into a serious meltdown.”
― Alexis Morgan, Dark Warrior Unbroken

10 Famous Quotes by Author Alexis Morgan

So there you have it my Ten favourite quotes by Alexis Morgan, please comment below and share your favourite quotes by the fantastic author Alexis Morgan.  Furthermore, if you find any Authors not covered for there, top 10 quotes let me know and I will review their works and find some of their best quotes as has been done here for Alexis Morgan. 

One Final Bonus – Alexis Morgan Quote 

“Sandor wore the duster because Lena had asked him to. The supple leather billowed and swirled around his legs as he strode down the sidewalk. He’d originally bought it because it hid his weapons, but if he’d known it would put that look in an attractive woman’s eyes, he’d have bought one much sooner.”

― Alexis Morgan, Dark Warrior Unbroken

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