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Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Alexandra Ivy. Find my selection in date order of Alexandra Ivy.

Alexandra Ivy List of Books to Read

Guardians Of Eternity Books

When Darkness Comes      (2007)           

Embrace The Darkness      (2007)           

Darkness Everlasting          (2008)           

Darkness Revealed (2009)           

Darkness Unleashed           (2009)           

Beyond The Darkness        (2010)           

Taken By Darkness  (2010)           

Devoured by Darkness       (2010)           

Darkness Eternal     (2011)           

Bound By Darkness (2011)           

Fear The Darkness  (2012)           

Levet  (2013)           

Where Darkness Lives        (2011)           

Darkness Avenged  (2013)           

Hunt The Darkness (2014)           

A Very Levet Christmas      (2014)           

When Darkness Ends         (2015)           

Darkness Returns    (2019)           

Beware the Darkness         (2019)           

Conquer the Darkness       (2019)

Illegitimate Bachelor Books

Bedding The Baron (2008)           

Seducing the Viscount       (2014)           

Seduce Me By Christmas  (2014)


Immortal Rogues Books

My Lord Vampire    (2012)           

My Lord Eternity     (2012)           

My Lord Immortality          (2012)

Sentinels Books

Out Of Control         (2013)           

Born in Blood           (2013)           

Blood Assassin         (2014)           

Blood Lust    (2016)

Bayou Heat Books

Raphael/Parish        (2013)           

Bayon/Jean-Baptiste          (2013)           

Talon/Xavier (2013)           

Sebastian/Aristide  (2013)           

Bayou Noel   (2013)           

Lian/Roch     (2014)           

Hakan/Severin         (2014)           

Angel/Hiss    (2015)           

Michel/Striker         (2015)           

Rage/Killian  (2015)           

Kayden/Simon         (2016)           

Ice/Reaux     (2016)           

Blade  (2017)

Rapture Books

First Rapture            (2013)           

Sinful Rapture          (2014)

Hellion’s Den Books

Some Like It Wicked           (2014)           

Some Like It Sinful  (2014)           

Some Like It Brazen            (2014)

Dragons Of Eternity Books

Burned by Darkness           (2015)           

Scorched by Darkness        (2016)           

Charred by Darkness          (2017)

ARES Security Books

Kill Without Mercy (2015)           

Kill Without Shame (2016)           

Branded Packs Books

Stolen and Forgiven           (2015)           

Abandoned and Unseen    (2015)           

Buried and Shadowed       (2016)

Agency Books

Pretend You’re Safe           (2017)           

What Are You Afraid Of?  (2017)           

You Will Suffer         (2019)           

Standalone Novels

Lord Mumford’s Minx        (2000)           

The Wedding Clause          (2005)           

The Intended Victim           (2019)           

Short Story Collections

On the Hunt (2015)           

All He Wants for Christmas          (2015)           

When You Wish      (2016)           

Here Comes the Bride        (2017)           

Omnibus Books

Yours For Eternity   (2010)           

Supernatural Bundle          (2011)           

The Real Werewives of Vampire County           (2011)           

Predatory Paranormal Bundle     (2013)

List of books by Alexandra Ivy

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Alexandra Ivy.


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