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List of books by Alex Archer

List of Books Alex Archer with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Alex Archer. Find my selection in date order of Alex Archer.

Alex Archer List of Books to Read

Rogue Angel Books

Destiny          (2006)           

Solomon’s Jar           (2006)           

The Spider Stone     (2006)           

The Chosen   (2007)           

Forbidden City         (2007)           

The Lost Scrolls       (2007)           

God of Thunder       (2007)           

Secret of the Slaves            (2007)           

Warrior Spirit           (2007)           

Serpent’s Kiss           (2008)           

Provenance  (2008)           

The Soul Stealer      (2008)           

Gabriel’s Horn          (2008)           

The Golden Elephant         (2008)           

Swordsman’s Legacy          (2008)           

Polar Quest  (2009)           

Eternal Journal        (2009)           

Sacrifice        (2009)           

Seeker’s Curse         (2009)           

Footprints     (2009)           

Paradox         (2009)           

The Spirit Banner    (2010)           

Sacred Ground        (2010)           

The Bone Conjurer (2010)           

Tribal Ways  (2010)           

The Dragon’s Mark (2010)           

Phantom Prospect  (2010)           

Restless Soul            (2011)           

False Horizon           (2011)           

The Other Crowd    (2011)           

Tear of the Gods     (2011)           

The Oracle’s Message        (2011)           

Cradle of Solitude   (2011)           

Labyrinth      (2012)           

Fury’s Goddess        (2012)           

Magic Lantern         (2012)           

Library of Gold         (2012)           

The Matador’s Crown        (2012)           

City of Swords          (2012)           

The Third Caliph      (2013)           

Staff of Judea           (2013)           

The Vanishing Tribe            (2013)           

Clockwork Doomsday        (2013)           

The Babel Codex     (2013)           

Blood Cursed           (2013)           

Sunken Pyramid      (2013)           

Treasure of Lima     (2014)           

River of Nightmares           (2014)           

Grendel’s Curse       (2014)           

The Devil’s Chord    (2014)           

Celtic Fire      (2014)           

The Pretender’s Gambit    (2014)           

Death Mask  (2015)           

Bathed in Blood      (2015)           

Day of Atonement  (2015)           

Beneath Still Waters          (2015)           

The Mortality Principle      (2015)           

Mystic Warrior        (2015)

List of books by Alex Archer

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Alex Archer.

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