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List of books by Alanna Knight

List of Books Alanna Knight with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Alanna Knight. Find my selection in date order of Alanna Knight.

Alanna Knight List of Books to Read

Inspector Faro Books

Enter Second Murderer    (1988)           

Blood Line     (1989)           

Deadly Beloved        (1989)           

Killing Cousins          (1990)           

A Quiet Death          (1991)           

To Kill a Queen        (1992)           

The Evil That Men Do         (1993)           

The Missing Duchess          (1994)           

The Bull Slayers       (1995)           

Murder by Appointment   (1996)           

The Coffin Lane Murders  (1998)           

The Final Enemy      (2002)           

Unholy Trinity          (2004)           

Faro and the Royals           (2005)           

Murder in Paradise (2008)           

The Seal King Murders       (2011)           

Murders Most Foul            (2013)           

Akin to Murder        (2016)           

Annie Kelty Books

The Monster in the Loch   (1999)           

The Ryal Park Murder        (1999)           

Dead Beckoning      (1999)

Rose McQuinn Books

The Inspector’s Daughter (2000)           

Dangerous Pursuits            (2002)           

An Orkney Murder  (2003)           

Ghost Walk  (2004)           

Destroying Angel     (2007)           

Quest for a Killer     (2010)           

Deadly Legacy          (2012)           

The Balmoral Incident       (2014)           

Murder Lies Waiting          (2018)           

Tam Eildor Books

The Dagger in the Crown  (2001)           

The Gowrie Conspiracy      (2003)           

The Stuart Sapphire           (2005)

Inspector Faro and Rose McQuinn Books

The Darkness Within          (2017)           

Standalone Novels

Legend of the Loch (1969)           

The October Witch (1971)           

Castle Clodha           (1972)           

Lament for Lost Lovers      (1972)           

The White Rose       (1973)           

Passionate Kindness           (1974)           

A Stranger Came By           (1974)           

Drink for the Bridge            (1976)           

The Wicked Wynsleys        (1977)           

Girl on an Empty Swing     (1978)           

The Queen’s Captain          (1978)           

The Shadow Queen            (1979)           

The Black Duchess  (1980)           

Hostage Most Royal           (1980)           

Castle of Foxes        (1981)           

Colla’s Children        (1982)           

Perilous Voyage       (1983)           

The Clan        (1985)           

Estella            (1986)           

The Sweet Cheat Gone      (1992)           

Strathblair    (1993)           

This Outward Angel            (1993)           

Angel Eyes    (1997)           

In the Shadow of the Minster      (2002)           

The Midnight Visitor          (2013)           

Miss Havisham’s Revenge, or Estella’s Missing Years (2014)           

Short Story Collections

The Robert Louis Stevenson Treasury    (1985)


Robert Louis Stevenson: Bright Ring of Words           (1984)

Standalone Plays

Private Life of Robert Louis Stevenson  (1983)

Non-Fiction Books

R.L.S. in the South Seas     (1986)           

Close and Deadly     (2002)           

101 Golden Rules for Writing Successful Fiction        (2015)

List of books by Alanna Knight

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Alanna Knight.


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