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List of books by Alan Hunter

List of Books Alan Hunter with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Alan Hunter. Find my selection in date order of Alan Hunter.

Alan Hunter List of Books to Read

Inspector George Gently Books

Gently Does It          (1955)           

Gently by the Shore           (1956)           

Gently Down the Stream  (1957)           

Landed Gently         (1957)           

Gently Through the Mill    (1958)           

Gently in the Sun    (1959)           

Gently with the Painters   (1960)           

Gently to the Summit        (1961)           

Gently Go Man        (1961)           

Gently Where the Roads Go        (1962)           

Gently Floating        (1963)           

Gently Sahib (1964)           

Gently with the Ladies       (1965)           

Gently North-West (1967)           

Gently Continental (1967)           

Gently Coloured      (1969)           

Gently with the Innocents            (1970)           

Gently at a Gallop   (1971)           

Gently Where She Lay       (1972)           

Gently French          (1973)           

Gently in Trees        (1974)           

Gently with Love     (1975)           

Gently Where the Birds Are         (1976)           

Gently Instrumental           (1977)           

Gently to a Sleep     (1978)           

The Honfleur Decision       (1980)           

Gabrielle’s Way       (1981)           

Fields of Heather     (1981)           

Gently Between Tides        (1982)           

Amorous Leander   (1983)           

The Unhung Man    (1984)           

‘Once a Prostitute…’          (1984)           

The Chelsea Ghost  (1985)           

Goodnight, Sweet Prince  (1986)           

Strangling Man        (1987)           

Traitor’s End (1988)           

Gently with the Millions    (1989)           

Gently Scandalous  (1990)           

Gently to a Kill         (1991)           

Gently Tragic            (1992)           

Gently in the Glens (1993)           

Bomber’s Moon      (1994)           

Jackpot!        (1995)           

The Love of Gods    (1997)           

Over Here     (1998)           

Gently Mistaken      (1999)           

Gently Under Fire   (2014)           

Gently in the Past   (2016)           

Gently With Passion           (2016)

List of books by Alan Hunter

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Alan Hunter.


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