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List of books by Alan Burt Akers

List of Books Alan Burt Akers with Publication Dates

Authors, who doesn’t love a good Author? This series of articles we look at lists of books by famous authors; in this case, Alan Burt Akers. Find my selection in date order of Alan Burt Akers.

Alan Burt Akers List of Books to Read

Dray Prescot Books

Transit to Scorpio   (1972)           

The Suns of Scorpio            (1973)           

Warrior of Scorpio  (1973)           

Swordships of Scorpio       (1973)           

Prince of Scorpio     (1974)           

Manhounds of Antares     (1974)           

Arena of Antares     (1974)           

Fliers of Antares      (1975)           

Bladesman of Antares       (1975)           

Avenger of Antares (1975)           

Armada of Antares (1976)           

The Tides of Kregen            (1976)           

Renegade of of Kregen      (1976)           

Krozair of Kregen    (1977)           

Secret Scorpio         (1977)           

Savage Scorpio        (1978)           

Captive Scorpio       (1978)           

Golden Scorpio        (1978)           

A Life for Kregen     (1979)           

A Sword for Kregen            (1979)           

A Fortune for Kregen         (1979)           

A Victory for Kregen           (1980)           

Beasts of Antares    (1980)           

Rebel of Antares     (1980)           

Legions of Antares  (1981)           

Allies of Antares      (1981)           

Mazes of Scorpio    (1982)           

Delia of Vallia           (1982)           

Fires of Scorpio       (1983)           

Talons of Scorpio    (1983)           

Masks of Scorpio    (1984)           

Seg the Bowman     (1984)           

Werewolves of Kregen      (1985)           

Witches of Kregen  (1985)           

Storm over Vallia    (1985)           

Omens of Kregen    (1985)           

Warlord of Antares (1988)

List of books by Alan Burt Akers

So there you have a list of books and date of publication from the Author Alan Burt Akers.


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