Adventure Fishing: The Newest Holiday Trend

When you think of adventure vacations, hiking up the side of a volcano, snowboarding down a desert sand dune, or battling the elements to get back to base camp likely comes to mind. But there’s a new trend emerging in the vacation market: adventure fishing!

Believe it or not, fishing is the most popular pastime in the world but it is, perhaps unfairly, associated with only certain demographics and not something we can all enjoy. As a sport, or even just a chance to relax and connect with nature, there’s nothing quite like fishing, so much so that the buzz of catching a fish is something that is regularly recreated by other means, such is the positive nature of the experience! 

If the idea of fishing elicits thoughts of hazy summer days dozing on a quiet river bank, or pottering across a serene lake with a rod and a flask of tea, think again. There’s a new breed of angling getaway emerging from the depths, taking fishing to entirely new levels of excitement.

The Rise of Adventure Fishing

With many of us seeking new ways to connect with our environment and increase self-sustainability, it’s no surprise that angling is seeing a general uptake in numbers. As an activity, it allows us to spend mindful time in nature and even source our own food, moving away from processed meals packed with additives. Adventure fishing vacations offer a step up, allowing us to do these things in epic new locations, providing new challenges and the opportunity to connect with like-minded folk.

With breaks available for both beginners and seasoned anglers, they’re a great opportunity to learn new skills or develop existing ones and to nurture a deep connection with nature.

Ice Fishing Adventures

Remember that mental image of an angler dozing in the summer sun on a serene river bank? Put that thought far from your mind and instead consider an ice-fishing adventure trip on Lake Dillon in Colorado. At an elevation of over nine thousand feet, the lake boasts an ice cap for six months every year. Anglers ready to take on the icy elements can book a tour that includes the use of a heated ice fishing hut and all the equipment needed to land the arctic char and Kokanee salmon that make the lake their home.

And for those looking for a cold-weather angling adventure further afield, there are few better places to head than Norway, where fishing remains an important element of the country’s culture. For a real thrill and to secure the best catch, head to Tinnsja, which can be found about two hours west of Oslo. As well as providing a wonderful opportunity to try your hand at ice fishing in stunning surroundings, a new species of fish was discovered in the lake in 2005 – and who knows what other potentially new species its depths are still hiding!

Eco Fly Fishing in Patagonia

And if a warmer climate is more your thing, consider jetting off to Patagonia to enjoy some fly fishing in the salmon and trout-rich rivers and lakes of the Torres del Paine National Park. Surrounded by awe-inspiring scenery, visitors can choose to stay at the remote EcoCamp – the base and its huts design were inspired by and intended to serve as a tribute to the lifestyle and shelters of the region’s indigenous nomad peoples. 

The ultimate prize? Landing one of the legendary Chinook salmon. But be prepared – this species can weigh up to sixty pounds, so get ready for some truly epic angling! 

Volcano Fishing

And just when you thought an angling adventure vacation couldn’t get any more thrilling – how about a spot of volcano fishing? Popular in Iceland, the great lakes of the country’s southeast highlands offer ample opportunities to fish for arctic and brown char, surrounded by glacial waters, spectacular waterfalls, black sands, and craters. 

After a day of volcanic fly or spin fishing, what better way to unwind than with a swim in one of Landmannalauger’s hot spring streams? Tours can usually be combined with opportunities to hike the area for those seeking an extended adventure.

Fishing in the Rainforest

Costa Rica is home to some great opportunities for those seeking an adventure angling getaway. The Crocodile Bay resort, surrounded by manicured rainforest, can be found on the Osa Peninsula and boasts species, including sailfish, roosterfish, yellowfin tuna, and blue marlin.

The offshore winds that can spring up here can give fishing an extra challenging frisson – and if you visit in September, you just may be lucky enough to see the annual migration of humpback whales through the Golfo Dulce.

The Ultimate Fishing Thrill

With the explosion in popularity of the experience holiday, and a general concern to mindfully reconnect with nature, it’s no surprise that adventure-angling vacations – which fuse the two – are experiencing lift-off right now. For those seeking increased self-sustainability, who also want the thrill of visiting a stunning, remote new location, these breaks could be the perfect catch.



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