The cryptocurrency market offers so many existing tools to make investments that this time the subject to be discussed will be contracting for difference or well known by its acronym CFDs, which can be considered as cryptocurrencies that could grow faster than Bitcoin.

What is a CFD?

CFDs are considered financial tools or instruments that allow the exchange according to the price of a lower asset through the purchase or sale of the same.

Its acronym stands for Contracts for Difference; it indicates that investors and traders can operate with various financial products such as stocks, futures, cryptocurrencies, indices, and many more, without acquiring them.

Investment process with CFDs

In reality, contracts for differences are exchanged operations executed directly with the broker selected by the trader, where the action is not acquired now but works together through an agreement where both parties benefit.

The advantage of this tool is that you do not need to own an asset, in this case, a digital asset, the broker offers you the different asset options, and that is where your strategic analysis comes into play to be able to evaluate what the movement of a said asset will be active in time.

Whether the movement is positive or negative, you can always have a profit; everything will depend on the position in which you choose to invest.

The gains or losses through CFDs are given by the difference between the initial price and the final or closing price of the operation; for this reason, it is essential to evaluate the previous movements that the digital asset has had to make a decision.

The broker offers the investor something similar to a win-win business tool through this investment strategy. In this case, the broker provides a profit percentage regardless of whether the digital asset price rises or falls.

Let us remember that it is imperative to carry out this type of operation to carry out a previous analysis, some consider it a betting system, in which the parties involved benefit, but it can be a tool for beginners that allows them to understand the movements better than in the time they develop cryptocurrencies.

Two terms that characterizes CFDs

carry out operations with contracts for differences; it is essential to know the purchase price and the sale price because the digital market works in the same way as the traditional financial market.

To adapt to the investment terminology in the case of CFDs, we find that the sale price is known under the acronym (ASK) while the sale price is (BID), and the difference between the two is known as the spread.

The spread is nothing more than the percentage or commission charged by the broker for each transaction made.

An important fact is that the BID is usually relatively lower than the market price reflected when investing, and the ASK price is the opposite; it tends to be higher.

The brokers become the figure of traders just as the stock market would be in the traditional market.

Some Advantages of CFDs

Many users or traders are currently using this type of investment tool, primarily because of how accessible they are, but some of the relevant advantages of CFDs will be listed below.

  • Trading CFDs offers its users profits in both bearish and bullish markets; this does not imply that there are no losses.
  • They offer a vast number of crypto assets to trade
  • You can trade with leverage
  • The market is available 24 hours a day, five days a week.
  • Trades are closed when the user wishes.
  • The investment amount is adaptable to the size of the entire risk that the investor wishes to assume.
  • Does not generate commissions, only the percentage assumed by the broker for each transaction.


There are many terminologies and concepts that we must know to make this type of investment; let us remember that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, a characteristic that works against it, but when the appropriate analyzes are carried out, and it can be a point in favor of the investor.

The first piece of advice will always be to get informed when negotiating in the financial markets. Be it crypto active or traditional stock markets; we should not make investments without knowing the environment.

All cryptocurrencies are different; usually, the trader prefers to start his investment process with the leader of Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies; in addition, the initial investments should always be minimal; even if the profits are few, there is no risk of losing much capital.

CFDs are an excellent option for beginners, so giving them a try is always a plus.

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