Advantages Of Making Your Living As A Freelancer – Being Freelancer in 2022

Advantages Of Making Your Living As A Freelancer

Since the dawn of internet and online services, earning a living is no longer confined within four walls of an office, working full time job. Advantages of making your living as a freelancer,  Freelancers are paving their way to being millionaires and skilled professionals working multiple jobs within the comfort of their homes. So whether you are a fulltime housewife, student, licensed professional or a hobby enthusiast, you can earn as much as you want and enjoy the advantages of making your living as a freelancer.

The Concept Of Freelancing

Freelancers are workers who do not maintain employee-employer relationship. They are not similar to contractual workers like they are most commonly mistaken of. Contractual workers have a signed contract or agreement with an employer to perform a temporary job within a certain period of time or until a position is relieved for them. Freelancers, on the other hand are workers who render or provide their services (professional or manual) to clients without a contract binding between two parties.

Advantages Of Making Your Living As A Freelancer

How Freelancers Work

Online freelancers are the most common examples of freelancers today. You can find them through online freelancing companies. They usually provide professional services by contacting clients or through referrals. Their clients include but not limited to the students, private individuals, private companies, non-government organizations (NGOs), government offices, etc.

The Advantages Of Making Your Living As A Freelancer

If you hate the thought of commuting every single day and facing a terror boss, then you will enjoy the following advantages of making your living as a freelancer:

  • Work on your own phase. Although there are deadlines and schedules to submit your work, you can always work on your own time and phase if you are a freelancer. You can start working the earliest or latest time of the day – you got your own time. The only time you need to beat is your personal deadline.
  • No direct report boss. You are your own boss. You don’t have to furnish someone a daily, weekly or monthly report to enumerate the things you did for that particular period.
  • You can earn as much as you want. The amount of your earning will depend on the time you dedicate on your work. If you work hard enough and satisfy your client, you will earn big. You can get the reward or bonus you think you deserve.
  • Taking vacation. This is the most and best Advantages of making your living as a freelancer. As mentioned earlier, you are your own boss. You can earn as much as you want and get the day off whenever you want. You can also give yourself a pat on the back and take a vacation anytime of the year, without someone taking note of how much time you took off.

The Catch

Although there are enjoyable perks and advantages of making your living as a freelancer, there are also some weak points of this way of earning a living. When you are a freelancer, you don’t have a regular salary like other employers. It can make or break you. You will earn big when you work hard and will go penniless when you enjoy too much of your time off. This is why it is very important to find balance in everything you do.

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5 Advantages of Being a Freelancer in 2022

Having More Freedom

Being a freelancer has the advantage that you have a lot more freedom than when you work for someone else. You’re essentially running your own business, and you can decide what new clients you take on, how much you charge per hour, and how many hours you work.

As an example, if a potential client comes to you with a job that seems complex and doesn’t offer a good price, you can refuse it. There is no obligation on your part to take on any project you don’t want.

Flexible Working Hours

Setting your own hours is a particularly attractive feature. When you have kids, you might choose to work while they’re at school and after they’ve gone to bed. Take Wednesday off because the weather is nice and work on a Saturday instead, it’s up to you. Generally, as long as the work is completed within the agreed upon deadlines, you have complete control over when and how you complete it.


As a freelancer, you are your own boss. It is up to you how to manage your workload, your schedule, your dress code, and everything else.

However, freelancing isn’t a vacation. It is your responsibility to ensure your clients are satisfied, keep track of your budget, seek new clients, and negotiate fees. In order to stay on top of everything, you may have to work double some weeks and very little others. Everything, however, must be under your ultimate control.

Flexibility in Terms of Locations

When you’re a freelancer, you’re not tied to one company or boss, so you can live wherever you want and travel while you’re employed. While some freelance jobs may require you to be near your clients, you can still find clients wherever you are.

Most freelance work is done digitally, which lets you work remotely with clients worldwide and live and travel wherever you want.

Increased Skill Set

As a freelancer, you take on projects from multiple clients. Each project brings something new to the table and gives you the chance to develop your skills. You’re likely to learn something new every step of the way.

You may feel more stagnant in a traditional full-time job that does not always encourage you to learn and develop. There are many more opportunities for growth as a freelancer, since you can take on a wider variety of projects.

It is also possible to enhance your skill set on your own. Since you’re a freelancer, you can decide how and when to do this rather than waiting for annual corporate training. There are many online courses and opportunities available to you, and you can schedule them however you see fit.

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