Adopt vs Shop a Pet

Top 5 Reasons to Adopt, Not Shop a Pet

Should you adopt a pet or shop one from a nearby pet store for your home? This is a very important decision so let’s guide you in a detailed way. Did you know; how buying and selling of animals/pets can be risky?

I recommend adoption is better than buying a pet so “Say no to shop” a pet. Here are top 5 reasons to adopt a pet instead of buying it from pet store.

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#1 – Depreciate the Unethical Breeding

Buying a pet means appreciating the breeders/pets’ shop/pets’ suppliers to bring more pets unethically. To increase their profits, they can go to the cruelty level where female pets caged and forced to get litter after litter unless they can’t have anymore. Morally, it is wrong and can become the cause of many diseases in animals. If you will not buy a pet, you will be discouraging dramatic breeding & trading of these animals.

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#2- Save Money

Buying a pet will cost you more than adopting a pet. There are many rejected pets looking for their forever home. Brining such abandoned pets to your home might not change your life but it will surely change their life. The money, you were ready to spend on buying a pet, can be saved or spent on buying joys & happinesses for adopted pet.

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#3- Become a Hero

Adoption of a pet will make you hero automatically. Saving lives of miserable creatures can be done by a hero only. And, the pet who would be adopted by you; will give you more love. Also, adopting a mixed breed will give you best companionship experience than a purebred pet.

 #4- Promote Positivity 

Kids learn whatever you do in front of them instead of learning what you speak or intentionally teach them by speaking. Living a life with positive values is a good way to encourage positivity in your children. Not all the expensive things are valuable. Having a pet, specially adopting a pet will bring a positive change in your own kids too.

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#5- Satisfaction 

You can’t buy love & happiness but you can surely adopt it. Good deeds always leave personal satisfaction. Bringing a rejected animal to your own home, treating him/her as your own baby and taking care of his/her all needs and desires will actually satisfy your own soul.

Final Words:

These were the few top reasons of adopting a pet rather than buying one from pet shop. However, there are many other common reasons as well. In short, as we all know that when demand increases; suppliers jump in to earn their markup. If there will be more people to buy pets, the more people will jump into breeding & pets’ selling business. And, as we already know that there are more cats & dogs or other animals than the homes / families to keep them. Adoption will stop over population of pets somehow.

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