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Ten of My Favourite Aditi Khorana Quotes 

Quotes, who doesn’t love a good quote? This series of articles we look at Top 10 Famous Quotes by Author Aditi Khorana, author quotes are always a challenge and fun to pick, with Aditi Khorana you will find my ten favourites of Aditi Khorana’s quotes. 

Popular Quotes

“It made you wonder: How much of our lives was just luck or good timing, and how much was actually choice? How could it be that tiny serendipitous events could change everything? And if lucky events could change everything, could minor mishaps have the same power?”
Aditi Khorana,  Mirror in the Sky

“I thought about how many elements it took to create the simplest of things – a pink sky an unusually perfect day, a happy family, a deep friendship, a moment of pure delight. I wondered, too, what it took to undo these things. It seemed to me that undoing something was far easier than creating it.”
Aditi Khorana, The Library of Fates

“It was a second. A blink. The flap of a bird’s wing, the moment it takes to say hello, or goodbye. So quickly that it made me think of all the insignificant seconds that we throw away. And all the seconds that we don’t too. The seconds that we hold on to, that we return to… I considered the fact that all it takes is a second for life to completely change.”
Aditi Khorana, The Library of Fates

“Maybe those stories did more harm than good by giving us false hope. All they did was reinforce our faith that the world was once made up almost entirely of magic or miracles. But where was that magic now, when we needed it?”

Aditi Khorana, The Library of Fates

“That’s how it all starts?” I could hardly believe that the source of the world’s problems was a love triangle.

“That’s how it all starts,” Thala confirmed. “I suppose it’s how all human drama starts. It’s not overnight. It takes years and years. It takes… a recognition that you’ll never be the hero of the story.”

“So you choose to be the monster.”
Aditi Khorana, The Library of Fates

“But perhaps one day, you’ll find yourself walking through a forest, and maybe if you listen closely enough, and maybe if you ask from the very bottom of your heart, one of the trees might hear the longing in your soul—the longing for connection, the longing for something deeper that resides so far below the surface of the world in which we choose to live out our day-to-day. And you’ll hear it, the voice of one of those trees, calling back to you, telling you that the world is alive with mysteries, and that in order to understand them, one must first learn to be still, to listen, and the world will unveil itself to you, as though it was waiting to do so all along.”

Aditi Khorana, The Library of Fates

“It would be a decision she made with her will, rather than with her heart, and she would pay a price for it.”
Aditi Khorana

 “I had often thought about people who lived through strange and compelling times — World War II, the Great Depression, the civil rights movement. These were periods that shaped people in some indelible way. I wondered how this moment would define us. I had never before believed that there was anything special about the era I was growing up in.”

Aditi Khorana, Mirror in the Sky

“How do you think gods and goddesses are created?” he asked. “They’re anomalies. People who have sacrificed themselves for something bigger than themselves.”
Aditi Khorana, The Library of Fates

“What would happen when there was no one there to tell me I had to go on when I didn’t have it in me?”
Aditi Khorana, The Library of Fates

10 Famous Quotes by Author Aditi Khorana

So there you have it my ten favourite quotes by Aditi Khorana, please comment below and share your favourite quotes by the fantastic author Aditi Khorana. Furthermore, if you find any Authors not covered for there, top 10 quotes let me know and I will review their works and find some of their best quotes as has been done here for Aditi Khorana. 

One Final Bonus – Longer – Aditi Khorana Quote 

“And we will. Because we’re not broken. And we won’t be silenced. It is up to us to build webs of goodness wherever we go, up to us to uproot injustices and expose them to the light. So be brave, keep fighting, and I will fight alongside you.”

Aditi Khorana, The Library of Fates

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