Diet Cola Addiction Day One Going Cold Turkey

Why Everyone Gets Addicted To Coke? Let’s Find Out

Well, let’s be honest here – who doesn’t like coke? Come on, admit it, you must have tried it. Your secret is safe with us.

And even though it is one of the most addictive products out there, we all like to feel that intense rush every now and then. Unfortunately, like any vice, it isn’t good for your health. Now, you thought we were talking about cocaine, didn’t you? Well, hate to disappoint you, but it’s just cola. Although very dangerous and unhealthy as well. And the enormous amount of sugar and caffeine it contains it definitely will give you an insane rush, maybe even more than the coke you first thought. Also, let’s not forget the calories. But then again, who knows? Perhaps we should compare the two – the snow and the cola.

All jokes aside, this is a severe problem for some people. We’re going to show you, day by day, 7 days in total, how exactly does this particular product, or better yet – lack of product, affect an addicts body and mind.

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Day #1

So, you stopped drinking cola a day ago. You used to drink 3 to 6 litres a day. And now, it’s your first day without it. What happens next? Well, just like with any other addiction, you begin craving it. A lot. That’s all you think about. You focus your mind to one thing only – avoiding the temptation of drinking it. But it still controls you, even though you’re avoiding it.

As the day slowly goes by, you become a little angry. Or maybe even Hulk angry, it really depends on the personality. Either way, you don’t feel good mentally. In fact, you don’t feel like doing anything. There’s absolutely nothing you want or need, besides your fix of course.

You’re not in the mood to watch a movie, or read a book, or meet up with some friends because they might be drinking it. So, you decide right away to isolate yourself for a while. Or at least until the craving stops.

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All you want is to just fall asleep and end this living nightmare, this Freddy Krueger masked in cola. Tomorrow will be better – you convince yourself. The only problem is, you can’t fall asleep. And the harder you try, the further your dreams are. And all you can hear in your head is pouring ice-cold cola in a glass. However, you don’t give up just yet!

You finally take some sleeping pills and fall asleep. Tomorrow is a new day, hopefully, better than the last one.

However, you didn’t sleep for too long—maybe 2 or 3 hours. You woke up very early, in the crack of dawn, hoping for just one sip. “That’s all I need, and I’ll quit. What can one sip do, come one!” Luckily for you, you threw it all away, and the store is too far. “Damn it!”

So, you pour yourself a coffee and try not to think about cola. It will be the second day any minute now, as soon as the sun comes up. But nothing helps, and you know it.

You start doing a bunch of choirs around the house to keep yourself occupied, but still, nothing changes. Suddenly, the sun rose. Your second day without cola has officially started. You get hopeful – maybe I can actually do this. But then, something else, something awful begins to happen. The worst is yet to come. Read all about the second day of this diary in the next article.

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