Abraham’s Bosom Reserve

There is certainly no end to travel destinations and spots in Australia. Every area of this continent is surrounded by scenic beauty which is simply breath-taking. The Abraham’s Bosom Reserve is one such place. It is located near Currarong and a must visit place. This scenic reserve comprises of everything. There is a beach, a natural rock pool. There is a creek as well as walking tracks. There are a number of picnic facilities for the visitors. Thus, Abraham’s Bosom Reserve entertains everything to attract the tourists.

Walking Tracks of the Abraham’s Bosom Reserve :

Abraham’s Bosom Reserve is considered as one of the popular tourist destinations of the country. This reserve entertains two interesting walking tracks. The first one is the Wreck Wall. The Wreck Wall is a return walk of 2.5 kilometers which takes an hour to travel. This walk takes you at the site of the S.S. Merimbula Wreck. This wreck is considered to run aground on the 27th of March 1928, at 1 am. Another walking track at the Abraham’s Bosom Reserve is the Trig Walk. The Trig Walk includes the Wreck Walk. This walk extends up to a distance of nine kilometers. It is a hilly walk and takes a return of three hours. The most amazing feature of this walk is the panoramic site from the Trig station.

History of the Reserve:

The Abraham’s Bosom Reserve came into existence ever since the first ships sailing started its voyage in the Australian east coast. The captains of the ships started referring the Beecroft Headland as the Abraham’s Bosom. This label is nothing but an Old Testament reference as to safety. This area afforded a fine shelter to the vessels layering the coast in such turbulent climate. The Abraham’s Bosom Reserve soon became a tourist spot for both the locals as well as visitors.

Accessibility of the Abraham’s Bosom Reserve:

Abraham’s Bosom Reserve has been made accessible to people of all ages. People of all kinds of fitness levels can visit this reserve. This track has various spots that are perfect for activities like snorkeling, fishing and picnics. It is located only about 35 minutes of drive from Nowra. This spot is considered as the most magnificent area of the Shoalhaven.

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