A Short Review of Tiny Habits by B.J. Fogg 

Tiny Habits: Book Review

What I liked the most about the book- Every person wants to change and improve but loses track soon after initial failures. For sustainable changes, one must research, analyse and act to form tiny habits as a tool to achieve.

The author introduces the book by asking a question. People want and change for the better. Why then do they have to struggle? Immediately the author switches over to answer. The reason first is people believe they behave weirdly when they do not get desired results. Instead of trying to mend further, they return to their old pattern. 

Reason two people get mistaken when they consider aspiration for behaviour. For instance, one likes to their phone in aeroplane mode before going to bed to enjoy a pleasant and peaceful sleep. Simply by switching one’s phone, one cannot have a good sleep. 

The reason they’re people often set big and lofty goals and want to achieve them through motivation. Motivation seems to work in the initial stages working, but it is the correct behaviour to help one achieve the results in the longer run. To control behaviour, a change in habits in tiny ways would certainly help tether than motivation. 

So how to work toward nurturing tiny habits. The steps to be taken for this program may be: 

To do things systematically, for example, brushing one’s teeth in the morning or night, are tiny habits that remain programmed in the daily routine. We concentrate on small actions that take less than 30 seconds, such as one’s teeth or breathing exercises. 

Creating positive emotions and immediately connecting those positive emotions into one’s brain. 

The author elaborates on how elements of behaviour work. The author gives an equation known as the Fogg behaviour model or B=MAP, where B stands for behaviour, M for motivation, A for ability, and P for rapid convergence. Thus there has to be coordination among all the three to show behaviour. 

The author further opines and makes a strong assertion that behaviour leads to forming the habit. Thus, depending upon behaviour helps a person to change and changing for good. The golden behaviour rests upon threefold proceeds. 

  1. The behaviour leaves an impact. 
  2. One likes to do the behaviour motivation
  3. One can do the behaviour ability. 

Thus the author emphasises and elaborates to prove his theory that his time habits can change one’s life. 

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