A Short Review of The Success Principle by Jack Canfield

The Success Principle: Book Review

What I liked the most about the book– The author encourages a person to own responsibility for one’s thoughts, speech, and actions. 

A self-help book by any author can inspire and motivate a person. It is the person who has to bring change in themself through the tools of thoughts, speech, and action. Instead of creating a harmony like a good music master, he establishes a five melody with his mind and instruments and leads his team of orchestra members. 

The author suggests with great conviction that man has control over his thoughts, visualisation, and actions only. The author talks about the law of attraction too. There are two paths or ways with which one lives and sustains in human life. Sometimes in a man’s life when they may lose their material possessions. The author reminds and makes a point that in such a state when all the material prosperity is no more; the person had to have mastery over their mind. Thus the way to re-achieve one’s goals remains open. Another method suggested by the author to a man is to visualise their success, though they have already achieved what they want to achieve. A person is paid for his actions and not one’s knowledge. The author suggests and opines a person to devise a strategy for achieving success. 

According to the author, the foremost promise for attaining success is to believe in oneself. Another essential key to get success is bringing transformation in oneself. A person desirous of aspiring success must remain in the company of successful people. Usually, time is divided into present, past, and future. Many times a person cries thinking about their past. The author warns a person to think of the good points of their past only. This can be done by transforming one’s inner critic into an inner coach. The author suggests one more quality to develop, adding on four new success habits every year. One has to develop themself to learn more to earn more. Passion and enthusiasm are two fields with which one can recharge the success. 

A man alone cannot attain success unless they have a team to support. Hence, a powerful team must keep oneself—also, a delegation of powers to one’s team. The author suggests members. These traits would make one in becoming a worthy leader. Supporting one’s followers is necessary, but the author recommended that taking help from one’s mentors is recommended. 

The author is clear and opines a person to develop positive consciousness regarding money. One must monitor their expenditure too. These are the days of having firsthand knowledge of getting trained in the best and latest technology. Thus technology would help brand oneself with an online person, and social media may help in enhancing ones worth socially and economically. The author suggests and earns a person afraid of failures because failures are stepping stones to success. Another good piece of advice from the author to a person is to maintain balance in behaviour, actions, and thoughts to remain calm and peaceful in life. At the same time, not losing one’s grip on intention what they aim to achieve. Successful people follow s tule to adhere to discipline in their lives.

The successful people speak the language of inclusion and jot separation, the language of acceptance and not rejection. 

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