A Short Review of Thanks a Thousand by A.J. Jacobs 

Thanks a Thousand: Book Review

What I liked the most about the book- The author’s choice of expressing that every righteous act or thing that one experiences in life have to be repaid as gratitude towards the person whose expense the goodness or happiness one gets.

According to professor Robert Emmons, a psychology professor,” a grateful living is possible by us only when we can realise that other people and agents do things for us we cannot do for ourselves.” 

According to a study conducted and summarised in American science, gratitude is the single most important predictor of well-being and good relationships. It left behind twenty-four other impressive traits such as hope, love, and creativity. 

Quoting a study, the author says that people who sat the phrase” I am grateful” are more genuinely thankful than when people say thank you. 

The author shares his experience that the comfort of a person often comes at the expense of others. Hence, one needs to express the other person with an act of gratitude. The author elaborates by giving examples of how one can show appreciation for various things. Once, while going through the list of horrible diseases, he expressed gratitude towards almighty that he is healthy and free of any diseases he was reading and expressing gratitude both having good things at the same time and for not having bad things too. 

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