A Conservative Party Minority: What Comes Next?

Now A Conservative Party Minority, What Will Be Next?

We all saw it coming. The Conservative Party just had to win the most seats, however at a significantly reduced level.

The UK has seen a lot of turmoil in the past 2 years. Turmoil always generates opportunities for politicians to play on the desires of the masses.

Of the 2 main parties in Britain’s politics, the Labour Party gave many unfunded promises. However, the Conservatives knew how to speak about the problems and reality of the situation in the UK, in a better way than the Labor Party.

Unfortunately, words don’t imply action. We all know how politics is. Grand promises are used to reach power, only to be forgotten for what reality dictates.

There’s a lot more to politics than doing what the voter base wants you to do. There are foreign policy and economics to consider. You then have to respect the agendas of the MI5 and MI6.

After all, you’ve got to remember that David Cameron was from the Conservative Party. We all saw how he reacted to the Brexit vote.

What we’ll be Talking About.

Here, we’re going to provide an overview of what the UK Conservative Party must do to keep its promises.

We’ll also talk about some of the responsibilities the party has towards today’s Britain. Brexit will be discussed, and we’ll also talk a bit about immigration and the rising terrorism in the UK.

We’re going to approach the problems from a realistic perspective. The problems facing the UK today aren’t just related to the voter base’s desires. They affect national security too.

Note that most of the points will revolve around Brexit. We’ll discuss terrorism and immigration, touching on foreign aid in the end.

The EU’s Meddling in the UK’s Human Rights Structure.

Human rights is what makes Europe a safe haven for many people around the world. The liberal atmosphere ensures that every “worthy” individual has a say in the UK’s future.

Unfortunately, the liberalism may have been taken too far by the EU. There has actually been pressure by the EU on its members to allow prisoners to vote (1). Not only is this absurd, but it’s also dangerous to the democratic structure of the EU countries.

Do take into consideration that 1-in-5 prisoners in the UK are actually Muslim (2). As you may have guessed, the many are immigrants, who may be holding a grudge against the UK for imprisonment. There’s also the religious ideological edge to consider that may fuel future terrorism.

Should such individuals have the right to vote? Definitely not.

You cannot equate a responsible voter residing in the UK for a long-time with a criminal. Both votes should not be equal.

Thus, a Brexit from the EU will start the process of restoring power to responsible residents) in the UK. It will also block votes from criminals who may harm the UK’s national security.

After all, do consider that some immigrant criminals may be more likely to become terrorists…

Combatting Rising Terrorism in the UK.

2017 has been a rough year for Britain. Most of the major terrorist attacks of the past 10 years occurred this year. It may have been as a result of an unchecked radicalisation within some communities in the United Kingdom due to political correctness.

Here’s a quick list to give you an idea…

  • Westminster Attack (March 22nd). 6 killed – 49 injured.
  • Manchester Arena Bombing (May 22nd). 22 killed – 120 injured.
  • June 2017 London Attacks (June 3rd). At least 7 dead – 48 injured.

The attacks won’t stop anytime soon, that’s for sure. Extremism will be on the rise, and innocent citizens must be safeguarded against attacks.

Combatting terrorism won’t occur by attempting to stop the acts beforehand. That’s simply too unrealistic. The best method to counter-terrorism is to tighten immigration requirements.

To start, the UK has to stop hosting Islamist groups in its fold. Specifically, those who call for sharia law must be kicked out.

Famous Islamist political organizations are actually being supported by the UK… ironically enough. The terrorist attacks should be a wakeup call for the MI5.

Take the Muslim Brotherhood as an example. The Muslim Brotherhood is a global Islamist organization that likes to dabble in politics. The UK supports refugee for such groups to this day.

Even David Cameron himself said they shouldn’t be kicked out (3), while simultaneously calling them a threat (4).

Basically, the Conservative Party should toughen up the UK’s internal policies to combat terrorism. There should be voter restrictions on the unworthy. Islamist political groups should be kicked out, as they are the roots of terrorism.

Such groups threaten the democratic structure of the UK.

Problem #2: Supporting Terrorism Outside of the UK.

The UK is one of the world’s largest foreign aid resources. In 2015, £12 billion was the UK’s foreign aid budget (5).

Now, foreign aid is necessary to maintain good relations with some 3rd world countries. This guarantees stability, a kind of monopoly on foreign policy. But when foreign aid goes to extremist sources, trouble can arise.

The UK actually provides foreign aid to countries such as Pakistan and Afghanistan. Both are hubs of terrorism and lack of democracy.

Both countries should not be supported by UK money.

Money sent over to each country should be used to combat terrorism instead. Even better, the money should fund factions in 3rd world countries that promote a democracy.

Preferably, such factions should support a separation of religion and state. After all, diluting the line between both is why terrorism is on the rise.

Proactively Completing Brexit.

Brexit must be completed as soon as possible. A fast “Brexit” will signal the UK’s seriousness about fighting illegal immigration. It will show that the UK is taking terrorism seriously, instead of being a passive victim.

Additionally, the UK can’t focus on dealing with internal instability (decisively) without finishing Brexit. This applies to the media too. Many media outlets are shifting focus from proactively combatting terrorism, to Brexit coverage.

The media must “proactively” educate the masses on the rising terrorism in the UK and the rest of the 1st world. After all, most media coverage on terrorism is done after the fact, not before.

Will the Conservative new mandate they must put forth the necessary legislation to fend off extremists worldwide? We hope they do. It’s for the better of the region.

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