How to Write a Cold Email that Actually Work and Converts

How to Successfully Convert Cold Email to Sales

Even if they don’t know the sender, most CEOs and VCs read every well-formed email they receive. It implies that it’s likely to get read if you write a fantastic cold email to your favourite CEO. It’s simple to guess the CEO’s email address if you don’t know it. 90% of firm executives’ email addresses reflect the organization’s standard email format. You might believe that getting the CEO of one of America’s largest corporations to respond to your cold email is impossible. It’s not the case. It’s something that even a college student can do. In this post, we will acknowledge what Investor and SafeGraph CEO Auren Hoffman explains about how to write good cold emails.



The first rule of cold emailing is to be polite. There’s no way to obtain a response if you’re not sending it to the appropriate person. If you’re searching for money for a SaaS company, don’t send an email to a biotech investor. You should send it to the SaaS investor. It may seem apparent, but you’d be amazed how frequently this one essential step is overlooked. The email must establish a clear link between the subject and why it is necessary to the person’s day-to-day activities. Don’t send an email to General Electric’s CEO if you’re trying to sell HR software.

Instead, please send it to those who WANT to receive your email because what you’re selling could make their lives simpler. It also helps personalize the email by relating it to anything special about the recipient or their profession. For example, you may list some of the firms she’s invested in that you appreciate if you’re reaching out to a VC (and most like your company). People like talking about the topics they enjoy. You’ve considerably increased your chances of obtaining a response if you tell a VC how much you adore a company they also love.


Emphasize Readers Benefit

Assume you’re sending an email that you’d like to receive. What type of information piques your interest that you can’t ignore? Make it obvious why you’re contacting the individual and how they’ll benefit from interacting with you right now. You must provide value to the situation. The individual receiving the email should profit far more than you from any potential conversation in an excellent cold email. 

It will stimulate their attention and increase your chances of receiving a response. If you don’t have anything helpful to say to the person to whom you’re sending the email, you should keep sending it until you do. You only get one chance to send a cold email to someone. If they don’t think your initial email is crucial to them, they could not open your subsequent emails out of habit.


Keep It Short & Clear 

It should be evident that the email is from you before the reader even gets to the content of the message. There should be a main topic line as well. People, especially CEOs, are short on time regarding the email’s body. No one will read a three-minute scroll through a massive block of content. Therefore, your email should be brief, concise, and well-formatted. You want individuals to be able to rapidly comprehend an email while in the elevator reading it on their phone (or the toilet). 

While at a meeting or on a conference call, the individual receiving the email may glance at it. Ensure the individual knows why you’re reaching out and how it benefits them in that 3-second peek. A brief email should not imply hurriedly produced content. Spend time and work on it, and be careful with your words. It’s also beneficial to be eager and excited about what you’re pitching. It’s contagious to be enthusiastic about things that thrill you.

It would be best if you also gave out the specific following actions for bringing the dialogue ahead. For example, do you need a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ through email? Are you trying to create a good impression with a phone call? Or are you requesting permission to send the individual your deck if they are interested? Avoid ambiguity at all costs and clarify why the following steps will benefit the person. If required, you may even specify a response timeframe.

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