9 Unavoidable Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

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Unavoidable Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms:

Diabetes is the most prevalent disease worldwide. In the U.S only, around twenty-four million people are suffering from Type 2 Diabetes. Unfortunately, only eighteen million people are dealing correctly with the disease.

Diabetes is known as a Silent killer. Because most patients do not know they have Type 2 Diabetes. The obvious reason is symptoms. People do not know the important and unavoidable symptoms of Diabetes. The majority of people visit a doctor for some other disease. And they end up knowing they are facing the threat of Type 2 Diabetes.

List of 9 Unavoidable Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

Sugar in the blood is the first and foremost alarming sign of Type 2 Diabetes. There are some symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes. Check them below. If you are facing any one of them, must visit your doctor for consultation.

1- Abnormal rate Of Urination and Immoderate Thirst:

Abnormal rate of urination is the prime Diabetes symptom. Abnormal means a person has to urinate more than a frequent rate. Especially, if a person has to use the bathroom at night. That person needs to visit a doctor.

Increased rate of urination occurs due to the intense pressure of glucose on the kidneys. That’s a person feels to urinate over and over at night.

Immoderate thirst is due to the loss of fluids in excessive urination. When you are suffering from Type 2 Diabetes, both these symptoms work together. So, it is a sign of Diabetes.

2- Weight Loss:

Weight loss is another sign of Type 2 Diabetes. Weight loss can be swift, around ten to twenty pounds in a month. This is happening because insulin is not there to bring glucose into the blood cells. Sugar is the source of energy. When cells can’t have their sugar intake, the body breaks down protein to meet their needs. As a result, the patient faces weight loss.

Excessive urination is done by the kidneys for eliminating extra glucose. This is another reason for weight loss.

3- Hunger:

Diabetes is behind unexpected high and low levels of blood sugar. Diabetic patients experience abnormal hunger pangs to meet the needs of sugar intake. This happens when the sugar level drops. The body thinks blood cells are not getting the desired glucose intake. As a result, increased number of hunger pangs.

4- Skin Issues:

The skin of Diabetic patients becomes itchy because of lesser blood circulation. Skin issues are the unavoidable alarming signs of Type 2 Diabetes. When doctors see the darkening of the skin around the neck and armpits of patients. The first thing they do is check blood sugar.

5- Slower Rate of Healing:

Slow healing is the classic Diabetes symptom. Even minor bruises and cuts take a lot of time to get healed. Why do patients experience this problem! The reason is damaged blood vessels. Because glucose travels at a higher rate in blood capillaries. As a result, they get damaged. In the case of wounds, enough blood can’t reach the wound to speed up the healing process.

6- Infections:

Bacteria and fungus tend to flourish in sugar enriched habitats. Diabetic patients often face bacterial and fungal infections. Mostly it is common in women. Diabetic female patients frequently suffer from Vaginal Candida.

7- Fatigue:

When you are facing problems like weight loss, low levels of sugar and sleepless night due to abnormal urination. Fatigue is the most obvious thing a patient will face next. Patients bring this fatigue to their workplaces. This fatigue highly affects the productivity of the person.

8- Blurry Vision:

Excessive blood sugar changes the dimension of the eye and the lens. That’s why a patient encounters sudden flashes of light and distorted vision. When blood sugar comes to a normal level, vision gets back to normal condition. But if this situation is frequent and you are not consulting with a doctor. This issue can lead to permanent damage to the eye. In worst cases, blindness!

9- Numbness or Tingling:

Another symptom of Diabetes is tingling and numbness. This happens because of damaged blood vessels. The patient may experience numbness in the feet and hands. Swelling and burning pain is more intense scenarios.

The above-mentioned symptoms are the most important symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes. If you are confronting any one of them, it is time to see your doctor. Diabetes is a silent killer. No one should ever avoid this disease. Because high blood sugar levels mean poison is running in your veins. Your blood, veins, hands, feet, vision every part gets affected. When you are encountering these signs, take blood tests to check levels of sugar in the blood.

Unfortunately, if you are a victim of this disease. Then fight Diabetes with the use of insulin and embrace a healthy lifestyle. These two conditions are compulsory to survive through deadly Diabetes.

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