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You can try to control people, or you can try to have a system that represents reality. I find that knowing what’s really happening is more important than trying to control people.-Larry Page


We have a lot of controlling people who are trying to tell us how to live our lives, and a lot of co-dependent people around us. We bump up against these people, too, when we’re trying to get on the spiritual path.-Echo Bodine


make an agreement to exercise mutual control over each other. The unspoken pact between them is, “It’s my job to make you happy, and your job to make me happy. And the best way to get you to work on my life is to act miserable. The more miserable I am, the more you will have to try to make me feel better.” Powerless people use various tactics, such as getting upset, withdrawing, nagging, ridiculing, pouting, crying, or getting angry, to pressure, manipulate, and punish one another into keeping this pact. However, this ongoing power play does nothing to make them happy and mitigate their anxiety in the long term. In fact, their anxiety only escalates by continually affirming that they are not actually powerful. Any sense of love and safety they feel by gaining or surrendering control is tenuous and fleeting. A relational bond built on mutual control simply cannot produce anything remotely like safety, love, or trust. It can only produce more fear, pain, distrust, punishment, and misery. And when taken to an extreme, it produces things like domestic violence.”― Danny Silk,


“When people are vulnerable to control, they feel that they are selfish for deciding what to do with their own property. In reality, deciding for ourselves is the only way we can ever have true love, for then we are giving freely.”― Henry Cloud,


“People turned against each other cannot turn against those responsible.”― DaShanne Stokes


“If they cannot control you in the four directions, they will control you inside the four walls”― P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar


A lot of us have jobs where we need to give people structure but that is different from controlling. –  Keith Miller


Like my freedom. If I feel like I’m being controlled, I get crazy. Because I know I made it this far by following my intuition. I think people like who I am, and I like who I am, and I want to be a better version of myself every single day. So stop controlling me! –  Katy Perry


You can never control other people. You can only control yourself. I have definitely learned that.Kimora Lee Simmons


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