8 Tips To Earn More Money With Fiverr: How I Make An Average Of $35

Best 8 Ways To Earn More Money With Fiverr

How I Make An Average Of $35

As millions of sellers and freelancers engage on Fiverr, earning money there becomes more and more challenging. You can spend so much time making promotions and waiting for buyers, but none might come. If there are interested clients, your investments and efforts may not pay off.

This reality makes many freelancers lose hope and give up. Some even conclude that Fiverr is a game of chance and luck. But this is not true.

In this article, you will learn the strategies to succeed and earn money with Fiverr. Reading this might be your first step to a prosperous and productive freelancing career.

1.     Add keywords to the gig or project URL.

When you launch a gig, Fiverr creates an automatic URL based on its title. Because of this, ensure that your gig title is short and catchy. As much as possible, add a few words only. You can change your gig title anytime, but the URL is permanent. Because of this, you may launch your gig with a strategic header. Then, you can make the adjustments afterward.

Having a short URL with keywords will make you look more professional compared to other freelancers on Fiverr. It will also motivate more people to share your gig link if they are pleased with your projects.

2.     Apply keyword modifiers wisely.

Every tweak in the algorithm counts as you compete with thousands of sellers. After all, you deal with a machine that provides results based on points and data.

If you are new to Fiverr or have not had many clients yet, Fiverr will give you less visibility. It will prioritize established freelancers who already have many ratings and projects. Because of this, choose specific keyword modifiers where you have fewer competitors. Look for niche words and adjectives that can drive your ranking up in search queries.

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3. Add keywords to your Fiverr username.

For those planning to start a new Fiverr account, this strategy will give you an advantage. (However, skip this tip if you already have a Fiverr account.)

As stated earlier, Fiverr depends on modifiers, titles, keywords, and descriptions to rank sellers and freelancers. The search results they give buyers get sorted through this system, so every tip counts to succeed.

Sometimes, sellers fall into the mistake of filling up their gig descriptions with keywords. Fiverr is intelligent; it will stop them from spamming the website. But what if you add a keyword to your username?

If you do this, Fiverr’s algorithm will place you higher in search results and recommendations compared to other sellers. Furthermore, clients will immediately recognize what services you offer.

4. Raise your gig prices if you are not new to Fiverr.

It is easy to conclude that offering services for lower prices can attract more clients. But experienced Fiverr sellers say otherwise. We enjoyed higher sales with increased payment rates.

First, Fiverr is starting to discourage buyers from five-dollar projects. Hence, buyers may think that your services are cheap and substandard. These offerings also attract impatient and uncourteous buyers.

Clients willing to pay more for your services also tend to be more professional, collaborative and accommodating. After all, they pay more to ensure the projects’ quality.

However, when you still explore Fiverr, you should look for cheaper deals to gain projects and reviews. But when you have already gained experience and capital, test charging more for your services. This mentality will give you the momentum to get the compensation you deserve.

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5. Review your buyers and place keywords there also.

When your gigs are over, do not forget that you can also review and rate your buyers. This way, you can describe your experiences with them and show how much you enjoyed the project. But writing reviews can also help your standing on Fiverr. The algorithms will recognize that you are a responsive seller.

There is another strategic bonus in writing reviews for clients: include your keywords there! For example, you can say that your “editing video on Adobe Premiere Pro” gig was successful.

6. Make your Fiverr gig captivating and attractive.

Since you promote your services on Fiverr, amaze your potential clients with your portfolio. You compete against thousands, if not millions, of freelancers. Because of this, your page must show that you deserve to get hired.

Different elements can help your Fiverr gig become engaging:

  1. You should have a professional and attractive gig image that you own. Be careful not to commit copyright infringement.
  2. Add small text to your main photo. Make it minimalistic and pleasing to the eyes.
  3. Display one image for every past project. These should embody the service you provide. Furthermore, the image should make the clients confident that you will provide an exceptional result.

Including videos will set your gigs apart from other buyers. It is also better for buyers to watch you discuss your offerings instead of them reading it. A simple video will do, but ensure that you will look professional and proficient.

If you belong to Fiverr Pro, you should place yourself on the Gig image to reinforce your reputation and promises.

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7. Give incentives to your clients.

Kind gestures go a long way on Fiverr and freelancing in general. Your clients can refer you to other buyers, and this guarantees that you will have more sales. To inspire them to do this, give your clients favors. For example, you can add additional features or improvements to your past projects. You can mail your former buyers and offer these incentives so that they will remember and refer you to others.

8. Use templates to improve your average response time.

Fiverr shows your average response time on your gig pages. After all, this shows the seller’s professionalism and availability. This factor can become a deciding factor for clients, so you should strive to keep this short.

Fiverr calculates this average by measuring the time between the client’s message and your initial reply. When you are busy when your client messages you, sending a template message can help. This way, you can keep your response time short.

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