8 Must-See Stunning Beaches Around The World

8 Beautiful beaches around the world – It is always the lap of nature where man seeks comfort. Nature is always the best place to visit when one is tired of daily life routines and the concrete monstrosity of an artificial world. The sight of beaches presents a panorama that is unique because of its combinations of mountains and the vast amounts of sand. You can see the reflection of the sky in the pure and transparent waters of seas. There are many black sand beaches which present a sharp contrast against the white and blue waters of the sea. Here is a list of eight beautiful beaches around the world among which few are black beaches, and others are white

1. Perissa Beach, Greece

This beach is located on the south coast of Santorini in the shade of Mount Vouno. It is actually a black beach and serves as evidence representing the ruins of ancient Thira. This place contains lots of restaurants with open-air umbrellas and comfortable sun loungers where you can sit free of cost if you’re ordering some food. You can sit here for hours gaping at the scene of sunset. The Black Mountains are worth observing here because of their sharp contrast with blue waters. These mountains also separate Perissa Beach from the Kamari Beach.

2. Stokksnes Beach, Iceland – 8 BEAUTIFUL BEACHES AROUND THE WORLD

Once arrived here you will feel as if you have reached some location in Sci-fi stories. Here you will notice emerging and magnificent Vestrahorn Mountain. This beach is famous for sunrise and sunset scenes. Most photographers visit this place to capture the beauty of this location. Geography of this beach is constantly changing because of shifting sand ridges. This beach is also easily accessible – the town of Hofn and Vatnajokull glacier are at 20 minutes ride. If you are looking for other travel discounts or packages, you can explore all these on Groupon.

3. Punalu’u Beach, Hawaii

There is a line of palm trees around the beach, and it is located on the Big Island of Hawaii. This place contains thousands of sparkling black particles which constitute the vicinity. It is likely that you will see Honu – green turtles – which are in plenty here. Make sure not to harm the animals in any way because it’s against the federal law. You must be tempted that you should bring a bag full of this black sand as a souvenir but be careful not to do it because it is believed by the natives that if someone brings a sack full of this out of Hawaii, it will prove to be a curse for him.

4. Navagio Beach

It is a separated coastal inlet on Zakynthos Island, and you can access it only by boat. You will see the pictures of this beach on many of the postcards all around the world. It is also considered a home to the wreck of a supposed criminal and is full of Limestone Mountains, white sandy beaches, and blue water. The estimated people visiting this beach are thousand in numbers.

5. Anse Source D’Argent

This beach is located on one of a smaller island of Seychelles called La Digue. It is one of the most photographed beaches in the world which is featured in many international travel magazines. This beach is a combination of large boulder stones which are spread throughout the coastline. Another thing worth mentioning here is the pink sand and coconut palms.

6. Tulum

This beach formerly served as a port of the Mayan city of Coba. It is located on the east coast of the Yucatán Peninsula. The Beach was built around 1200 AD when the Mayan civilization was already experiencing the decline. Therefore, it is considered a beach, lacking the elegance of many other beaches. However, the tropical background makes it famous among visitors and photographers alike. It is also the place featured in many artistic depictions by many well-known artists.


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It is one of the finest beaches in the world with sand containing 98% silica. It is 6 km long and is located on the Whitsunday islands. Sand in this area is so pure that it has been used in the construction of many electronics as well as for the lens of Hubble telescope. At its Northern end, there is a coastal inlet. The sand is a combination of different colors like pink, green, and white because of shifting coastal tides. This place is visited by many scientists, photographers, and visitors from all around the world.

8. Maya Bay

It is a shallow bay and is surrounded by many steep hills. It is located on Koh Phi Phi Leh – second-largest island of Phi Phi Islands. The beach is famous for colorful marine life and is known for many diving spots. It became famous after its portrayal in a picture The Beach. Many people started visiting this place after that. The beach is also famous for colorful boats with long pointy beak-shaped edges at their ends.

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