7 Ways To Hide Your Belly And Your Figure Will Look Great

Best Ways To Hide Your Belly

First and foremost, we will acknowledge that all women tend to build a bit extra fat in the abdominal region. Some women devote a significant amount of time to the gym in order to lose weight. However, not everyone has a schedule that permits them to devote three hours to physical activity every day. Also, since each female has a unique body type, not all gowns will seem the same on all of us. Don’t be concerned, concealing the stomach is really easy.

1.- Do not be afraid of girdles

In today’s world, the notion that girdles are solely worn by “gorditas” is completely incorrect. A girdle is required for certain gowns, and there are materials that, owing to their thickness or texture, create little strips where there should not be any at all. So get over your apprehension of girdles. Some of the loveliest skin colours available provide additional support in the abdomen, back, and even the buttocks. They are excellent for concealing the stomach.

2.- Blouses with flight

I’m referring to these lovely blouses with a touch of flair from the waist down to the hem. These are excellent for concealing the stomach and adding a lot more elegant touch to your overall appearance. Jeans, leggings, and shorts of many colours and styles go well with them. There is no occasion that these outfits are not appropriate for.

3.- Loose 

This is a stunning piece of clothing that we can all enjoy. Ideally, it should be slack at the bottom and should draw attention to your waistline. This will allow you to be more comfortable while also helping to conceal your stomach. You will be able to choose jumpsuits with the perfect prints to conceal the issue.

4.- Maxi blouses

If you are uncomfortable wearing tight clothing, you may utilise maxi blouses to provide balance to your ensembles. Do not overstate the case; maxi does not necessarily imply that it is a totally different size from yours. The idea is that it should be both large and pleasant for you to be there.

5.- Divert attention to the neckline or shoes

Another method of concealing the stomach in any clothing is to attract attention to a necklace or your shoes instead. Dress up your attire with statement necklaces or attractive shoes that complement it.

6.- Palazzo pants

They’re elegant, formal, and really comfy at the same time. Furthermore, they are ideal for concealing the stomach. Wear them in rich or earthy hues to break up the monotony of the traditional bland tones…. Curvy females may also wear bright colours without encountering any difficulties. Keep in mind that anytime you are comfortable and attractive, you are doing something well.

7.- Bring healthy habits to your life

This suggestion has nothing to do with clothing, yet it is significant nevertheless. Take good care of your physical and mental wellness. It is true that we must be satisfied with our physical appearance, but we must also care for the integrity and well-being of our bodies. Drink lots of water, consume plenty of fruits and vegetables, and engage in regular physical activity.

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Fun Fact

Can I wear a pencil skirt if I have a belly?

95% of women do have some belly and that is perfectly normal and pretty. And yes the high waisted pencil skirt emphasizes it. But if you have a thin waist it emphasizes this also, and, trust me, everyone will focus on this and not notice the fact that, looked from the side you do have a round tummy.

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