7 Things You Must Try Out When Traveling To Australia

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Australia is a great place that is flocked by numerous tourists. The land down under is home to many fun festivals, beautiful sceneries, and fun activities that can get you closer to nature. 

If you have the chance to come and visit, you must create a list of things you must do to experience the most of what Australia can offer.

Witness The Turtle Hatching

One of the best things you could do in Australia is to witness the turtle hatching. The loggerhead turtle is one of the turtle species found in Australia and is considered an endangered sea turtle species. 

That is why their hatching and nesting are a sight for people who care for them. You can witness these magnificent events from late November to March for the nesting season, and after 60 days, the hatching takes place.

Before visiting the beaches, you must first read the turtle watcher’s code of conduct. It is to ensure that you are aware of the possible risk you can cause if you are not careful enough.

Sign Up For Vineyard Tours

Before you visit Australia, you should know that this country is one of the best producers of wine. Thus, when you come, do not miss the chance to hop from one vineyard to another. If you cannot rent out a car, you do not have to worry. 

There are wine tours in Perth that you can book, and they will organize everything for you, from the transportation to the tasting, until the end. It is a convenient and hassle-free way to enjoy your wine tasting tour. Gather your friends and hop in for the vineyard tour of your lifetime.

Be Part Of The Mardi Gras Festival

Mardi Gras, which translates to Fat Tuesday, is a famous festival in Australia. It is a feast period that ends the day before the start of the Lent on Ash Wednesday, the Mardi Gras. 

It is a custom that allows people to celebrate and feast before preparing for abstinence and fasting. Moreover, it is free! You get to enjoy all the events and parades without spending any cent. 

If you happen to be in Australia in the early months of the year, before Ash Wednesday, then do not miss out on the colorful festivity of Mardi Gras.

Take A Dip And Swim With Australia’s Marine Life

Australia is rich with beautiful beaches. For starters, the Great Barrier Reef holds the largest reef title on earth and is home to many species. What’s more, on the other beaches of Australia, you can swim in the ocean and swim with dolphins. 

You will get the chance to be on a catamaran while the dolphins haul you and playfully swim beside you and move along the sea, where you can swim in sync with them. Getting to try this would be one of the best memories here. Not only that, but there are also other opportunities where you can snorkel and take a photo beside them while underwater. 

Do Not Skip Out On Climbing The Sydney Harbor Bridge

If you are on the daredevil side and would prefer an unusual and exciting activity, you can consider climbing this world’s tallest steel arch structure, the Sydney Harbor Bridge. 

Anyone above eight years old is eligible to climb to the summit of the bridge, and you will be climbing for around 3.5 hours. If you are up for the challenge and are fit enough to climb, take this chance to experience the thrill! 

When you get to the top, the beautiful view of Sydney will welcome you and the sense of satisfaction from climbing this 134 meters above sea level bridge.

Fly With The Birds In A Hot Air Balloon

Flying in the air sounds impossible but not if you have an air balloon. Numerous places in Australia give you the chance to ride on a hot air balloon and admire the surrounding coastline. 

To upgrade your hot air balloon experience, you can also have the opportunity to be up in the sky while drinking a bottle of champagne! If you want a more special occasion to ride on one, you can visit Australia during Canberra’s hot air balloon festival. This event is held annually in March.

Be One With Nature In The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains is one of the best National Parks in the world. It boasts majestic sceneries with its color during the spring. You can see and do many things here to be with nature in the Blue Mountains. 

The park offers various activities such as bush walks and camping. You can also ride a bike on the bike trails or even enjoy your favorite golf or swimming. If you feel like a day is not enough to enjoy the Blue Mountains completely, they offer accommodation to its visitors where you can sleep comfortably and resume your day the following day.

Final Thoughts

Writing down all the exciting activities above will help you create a proper itinerary for Australia. Also, it will help you not miss any exciting tours that will allow you to have the most unforgettable trip in your life. In this country, you are guaranteed to come home with all smiles.

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Aki Zhang
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