7 Sneaker Trends to Look Out for This Year

Sneakers have been a wardrobe staple since all the way back in 1892 but have recently risen to the top of fashion trends. A fresh pair of sneakers can take almost any outfit from bland to fashion-forward.

As sneakers have become more and more of a fashion wardrobe staple, the number of options has increased dramatically. Nowadays you can pretty much find any type of shoe you can imagine. That’s great but can also make it difficult to know what the most stylish choice would be.

We’re here to help and have outlined to top seven sneaker trends you should add to your closet this year!

1. Classic White

Some styles continue to circle back to the top of the trends over and over again. A classic white sneaker with a simple shape is one of those that have come back with a force. Most outfits will completely transform with the addition of the crisp white shoe finishing it off.

You can take a more formal business look and make it look younger and more hip just by changing the shoes.

These sneakers typically come with a flat sole, rounded toe, and pretty basic shape. This makes them stand out among the other sneakers trends right now which tend to be more elaborate. That also makes it a trend anyone can try!

  1. Retro High-Top

Speaking of things coming back from the past, high-top sneakers have come back with full force in recent years. This silhouette went out of style for a while but is all the rage once again.

High-top sneakers are available in a variety of styles, so anyone can give them a try, and perhaps combine them with matching apparel from sites such as illCurrency. If you tend to lean more toward a simple outfit, a high-top converse with a classic shape can be a perfect choice. Or if you like to take more risks in your fashion you can try a more athletic or boxy shoe with a high-top.

  1. Unique Textures

The shape of the shoe isn’t the only reason a sneaker becomes trendy, in fact, it’s normally only a minor part of the overall look. Some of the most purchased sneakers these days are the ones that have unique textures.

Typically, sneakers are made out of a type of canvas that is wipeable, has a smooth feel, and can sometimes be a bit shiny.

Some of the coolest new sneakers are made of a variety of fabrics that give them some interest with the added texture. Knits, woven fabrics, or suede take a sneaker up a notch from basic to fabulous without any other changes. These sneakers can continue to be casual or dressed up for a higher-end look.

  1. Collectors Items

One of the reasons so many people buy sneakers is because they are so accessible. They can fit into any style, any price range, and almost any setting. An easy way to elevate your sneaker collection is by adding in some specialty options that can be seen as collector items as well.

Following places like KicksCrew will help you curate the best sneakers to fit your style.

Generally, these sneakers will have something extra special about them or a limited edition. Having a pair of these unique shoes can make getting dressed for a special occasion even better as you take them out for a spin.

  1. Bright Color Combinations

While a crisp, clean white sneaker should be in every closet, there’s also room in a collection for some bright and bold options as well.

A fun sneaker trend is to have sneakers with a unique color combination that stands out. This can look like the base being one color and then a few added accents like the laces or logo in a variety of other colors. The key is to not have the sneaker match your outfit perfectly but make more coordinating choices.

Bright and bold sneakers always have a high impact and make an outfit feel more fun and youthful.

  1. Added Height

Platform sneakers have recently become some of the best sneakers for wardrobes everywhere. While they are typically worn mostly by women, men can take advantage of the added height they offer as well.

This type of sneaker usually has a boxy sole that can be a little bit chunky giving them a different profile than most sneakers.

These shapes typically look really good with a more formal outfit like a dress or tight suit. The juxtaposition of a sneaker with a higher height gives added interest and levels up an outfit from wearing just a basic shoe. Any outfit will feel more complete and special just by adding this trendy item.

  1. Designer Collaborations

Of all of the sneaker trends, maybe the most fun to take part in is the designer collaborations popping up everywhere. These sneakers are fun projects where a popular shoe brand works with a celebrity or designer to come up with special sneakers that represent their style and personality.

These collaborations are usually one of the best places to get unique designs and options that can’t be found anywhere else.

Adding these to your sneaker collection is a great way to bring a few of your favorite designers into your wardrobe without such a major investment. It can be fun to follow along with the design process as well, making it a whole experience.

Sneaker Trends You Should Try This Year

Staying on top of all the sneaker trends can make a huge difference in keeping your wardrobe super stylish. Having several popular sneaker options can make getting dressed even more fun and exciting.

And the key to getting the most bang for your sneakers is keeping them as fresh and clean as possible. The newer they look, the better, so take caution as you wear your sneakers! Learning the best care practices will make a big difference in keeping your sneakers ready to wear all year long.

If you’re interested in seeing more of today’s best fashion options, check out our other articles today!

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