7 Books Like Unfu*k Yourself You Should Read Next

Self-Help Books Similar to Unfu*k Yourself

Perhaps you’ve experienced the hamster-on-a-wheel feeling, frantically racing through life but appearing stuck?

Everyday life seems to be filled with an onslaught of information purporting to provide the secrets to obtaining riches, success, happiness, or meaning.

The truth is that most of it falls short of capturing what it takes to get past our biggest obstacle to living a better life—ourselves. What if you had all the capacity to achieve anything you’ve ever desired waiting to be released from you?

Unfu*k Yourself is a manual for the bleak and resigned, a call to action for bringing about actual transformation and releasing your greatness.

Seven articles comparable to Unfu*k Yourself are covered in the list below. The majority of the books listed below place a strong emphasis on the value of self-love.

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1.    Ralph K. Jones’s – Don’t Give Two Sh*ts: Getting Through the Madness of the Modern World by Concentrating on What Matters

Begin the process of releasing your mind from everything that makes you unhappy but that you are powerless to change. The quantity of crap life can hurl at you is staggering, but knowing which crap will stick if you ignore it might drive you insane.

This small practical book fills that need. You may determine what counts and what is unnecessary with Don’t Give Two Sh*ts.

It’s your life and chance to see the world in all its splendor. Therefore the book doesn’t apologize for telling it like it is.

The first step in advancing the life you want to live is to alter your viewpoint. Don’t Give Two Shits is a door leading to the next stage of your journey; if you’re ready, open the door and start living.

2.    Jen Sincero’s – You Are a Badass

A success coach who travels the world and the author of the number one bestselling book on the New York Times bestseller list, Jen Sincero presents a positive and instructive how-to book in only 27 short chapters.

If you’re ready to make some major changes around here, You Are a Badass can help: Locate the negative thought patterns and behaviors that are holding you back from success and rid yourself of them.

It will essentially show you how to create and achieve a life you love now. It will help you overcome your anxieties so you can take big, thrilling chances, figure out how to make money, learn to love yourself and others, set big objectives, and reach them.

After reading You Are a Badass, you’ll have a far better understanding of who you are, why you behave the way you do, how to accept the traits you can’t change while working to alter the ones you dislike, and how to utilize the Force to deliver a swift kick to the posterior.

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3.    William H. McRaven’s – Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life…And Maybe the World

Admiral William H. McRaven spoke to the University of Texas at Austin’s graduating class on May 17, 2014, during their Commencement ceremony.

He conveyed the ten principles he learned during Navy Seal training that helped him overcome obstacles not only in his training and lengthy naval career but also throughout his life.

Drawing inspiration from the university’s motto, “What starts here changes the world,” he explained how anyone could use these fundamental lessons to better themselves and the world.

The original speech by Admiral McRaven had over 10 million views. Building on the fundamental ideas presented in his address, McRaven now shares stories from his own life and those of people he met while serving in the military who overcame adversity and made difficult choices with tenacity, compassion, honor, and courage.

This classic book offers detailed insight, useful guidance, and words of inspiration that will motivate readers to strive for more, even during the most trying times. It is told with tremendous humility and optimism.

4.    Rachel Hollis’ –  Girl, Stop Apologizing

The obstacles, problems, and justifications that prevent us from accomplishing our goals are highlighted by Rachel Hollis.

Women not reaching their full potential is something Rachel Hollis has seen far too frequently. They sense a pull in their souls to do more, but they are terrified of seeming foolish, not being good enough, and not measuring up.

Rachel Hollis, founder of a multimillion-dollar media company and author of the number 1 New York Times bestseller Girl, Stop Apologizing, writes a passionate call to action.

She is well aware that several women have been trained to characterize themselves in terms of others, be it as a wife, mother, daughter, or employee, rather than attempting to learn to own who they are and what they desire.

5.    Rachel Hollis’ – Girl, Wash Your Face

Rachel Hollis, the creator of the lifestyle website and the CEO of her own media business, Chic Media, has amassed a following of hundreds of thousands of online followers by offering advice on how to live a better life and being brave in disclosing the horror of her own.

Her long-awaited debut book has finally arrived, and it contains her trademark blend of honesty, wit, and straightforward, no-nonsense guidance.

Every chapter in Girl, Wash Your Face starts with a lie Hollis had told herself that made her feel helpless, unworthy, or like giving up.

She speaks with the wisdom and love of a BFF. As a working mother, a former foster parent, and a woman who has grappled with concerns about her body and relationships, she helps women untangle the limiting attitudes that undermine their self-confidence and prevent them from going forward.

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6. Gary Chapman’s – The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Lasting Love

Being in love is simple. The difficulty is in staying in love. How do you maintain a healthy relationship amidst the obligations, tensions, and plain boredom of daily life?

You may learn the secret that has improved millions of relationships worldwide. Dr. Gary Chapman’s tried-and-true method for giving and receiving love can enable you to have richer and deeper levels of intimacy with your spouse starting right now, regardless of how well or poorly your relationship is doing.

The Five Love Languages is both useful and enlightening. This new edition, updated to reflect the complexity of relationships today, illuminates fundamental truths and effectively applies practical, useful information.

Includes an evaluation of the couple’s profile so you can learn your and your partner’s love languages.

7. Miguel Ruiz’s – The Four Agreements

Don Miguel Ruiz exposes the root of self-limiting ideas that rob us of joy and cause unnecessary pain in The Four Agreements.

The Four Agreements provide a strict rule of conduct that can quickly change our lives and usher in a new sense of freedom, genuine happiness, and love. They are based on the wisdom of the ancient Toltecs.

The Four Agreements are: Always Do Your Best, Don’t Take Anything Personally, Be Perfect With Your Word, and Don’t Assume anything.

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