6 TV Series And Movies On Cryptocurrency You Should Watch In 2022

Are you a Crypto enthusiast? Are you wondering what tv shows and movies deal with the theme of Crypto? You have arrived at the right destination because we are here to tell you all about the same.

TV Series & Movies On Cryptocurrency That You Must Watch:

So without wasting any more time, simply scroll down and find out the top 6 tv shows and movies on Cryptocurrencies!

1. Mr Robot:

Known as nothing lesser than a cult classic, Mr Robot has received plenty of accolades for keeping up with current trends as well as themes. Just like you can check out trade updates and related information on the bitcoin loophole. Similarly, the show is about keeping up with trends consistently.


The protagonist, Elliot Alderson, has a double persona – he is a security engineer in the morning and a vigilante hacker in the night. The best part? You will find that there are many Crypto storylines, from digital currencies of E-Corp’s such as Ecoin to money laundering hacks.

2. Startup:

Although StartUp first premiered in 2016, the movie only became famous recently once Netflix picked it up. A gripping drama series about the Crypto craze, StartUp features young Izzy, a computer that has come up with a new Cryptocurrency or rather digital currency known as ‘Gen-coin’. According to Izzy, her Gen-coin is a better alternative to Bitcoins.


A small series with three entertaining seasons is exactly what you need this weekend! Izzy’s struggle towards funding her own startup, her dilemmas about the underworld, and her infamous association with the dark web, money launderers, and gangsters.

3. Silicon Valley: 

Everyone loved watching this stereotypical albeit fictional tech show which was about a startup, known as Pied Piper, based in Palo Alto. Silicon Valley is a show that features many episodes based on Cryptocurrencies. Viewers even get introduced to a digital currency invented by the protagonists, known as the PiedPiperCoin.


The show, in fact, gives details on how Crypto works, including a PowerPoint presentation on the same. The shower runners searched for inspiration everywhere, including real inside companies like Blockstack, for instance – the show also took the help of several real Crypto experts for inspiration.

4. Black Mirror:

This list will never be complete if we miss out on Black Mirror. Once thought to be nothing more than science fiction, this futuristic series has instead turned out to be an accurate oracle since its release in 2021. 


For instance, there’s an episode known as Fifteen Million Merits based on a dystopian world – the only currency you can use in this world is known as ‘Merit’ virtually earned from doing activities such as watching ads or cycling.

This entire technology is eerily similar to how Cryptocurrencies operate today. Even the episode titled ‘Nosedive’ has a similar approach. Here all kinds of social credits play a vital role in forming or rather shaping a dystopian society of sorts.

5. Billions:

If you are a Crypto or a finance enthusiast, or even just a business enthusiast of sorts, then you must watch Billions. This television series features two heavyweights from the financial world of the United States – Bobby Axelrod, the Moghul of hedge fund and his arch enemy, Chuck Roades.


For those who are not familiar with the likes of Chuck Roades, he is the Prosecutor representing the southern part of the New York district. The show covers the highs and lows of the business world while pitting things like hedge funds against the shadowy backdrop of illicit deals and different legalities.

6. Coins:

The movie might not be styled in any way as such, but it’s a crazy docuseries which features all the important figures of the Crypto world. The docuseries is well known for all the famous personalities interviewed and the high value of production – you might just mistake it for a Netflix original!


Coins are one docuseries that explores all the watershed moments within the history of finance, the rise of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. At the same time, the series also covers the dark side of Blockchain technology as well as Bitcoins while featuring illicit schemes, hacks, and scams.

And It’s A Wrap!

Now that you have a fair idea about the top movies and tv shows exploring the theme of Cryptocurrencies, what are you waiting here for? If you haven’t watched any of these shows and movies, start binge-watching now!


In the meantime, let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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