6 Traditional Texas Activities for All Outdoor Lovers

Whether a resident or a tourist visiting Texas, you surely want to do some of the traditional outdoor activities Texans do. Outdoor enthusiasts planning to launch a business around traditional Texas activities can benefit from forming a Texas LLC to ensure their venture is built on a solid legal and financial foundation.

These people have a mix of cultures coming from different parts of the world that were mixed for centuries only to become what is known today as southern hospitality. Texas people are recognized not only for their culture but also for their accents.

If you want to do what they do to enjoy themselves, you should learn more about their culture and what they enjoy doing outdoors. In this article, we share six traditional outdoor activities that Texans love. If you’re visiting this state and want to know what to expect from your hosts, have these in mind.

1. Traditional Texas BBQ

Although everyone prefers making barbeque in their backyard, going in nature and taking the BBQ set with you is also a great idea. Driving to a designated camping spot and setting up tents, chairs, and everything else needed is a family activity that many love.

One or more people are focusing on the BBQ, preparing the meal, while the rest enjoy the talking, laughter, and fun. Kids play in the background, and everyone’s having fun. If you’re responsible for the barbeque, don’t forget to check out some traditional Texas sauces and flavors and learn how to make them.

2. See a rodeo

During summer, rodeos are a weekly event. Going to Texas in the summer and not seeing the rodeo means missing one of the most important events for the locals. Rodeos attract an enormous crowd, and you can also enjoy this event with your friends.

Rodeo is a serious sporting event. Although it seems easy, pro athletes practice for these events throughout the year. They are physically in top form, and you can compare them to the most skilled and successful athletes in other sports, like football, basketball, or baseball.

3. Go hiking

With so many empty lands, Texas is the perfect state for hiking. If you love spending time in nature, prepare your backpack and go on a weekly trip through the numerous mountains, fields, and forests.

Be careful to have enough safety equipment with you, though. You never know what you may encounter with so many dangerous and wild animals. Some people will only have a knife to defend themselves, but others will pack a gun, while others will opt for a Remington 700. Choose what you think is best based on what makes you feel the most comfortable.

4. Visit the desert and enjoy some off-road driving

Texas is home to one of the four US deserts – the Chihuahuan Desert. It takes a large piece of the state in its western borders. The desert stretches throughout two more US states and six Mexican states, among which is the Chihuahua state – thus the name of the desert.

This area is perfect for some truck off-ride driving. If you don’t own one, rent a 4×4 vehicle and head to these almost endless parts full of nothing but sand and some dangerous venomous snakes and scorpions. It is a challenging and exciting experience that adrenaline lovers will enjoy.  

5. Check out the many beaches

The Texas coastline is one of the most extraordinary ones in the world. Almost the entire coast is a laguna. The state’s shore is on the Mexican gulf and has numerous beaches to enjoy. If you feel like spending time by the sea and enjoying the hot southern sun, you’ll surely find peace and joy in the Texas beaches.

Although Texas beaches are not as popular as other parts of the country, many local families miss no weekends to visit the beach. Houston is the biggest coastal city, and San Antonio is just two and a half hours driving. Both are home to almost four million people. There are also many affordable apartments for rent in Houston, TX should you want to stay for long. 

6. Go fishing

People in Texas love fishing. With so many rivers, lakes, and the sea nearby, millions of people enjoy days spent fishing. You can order fishing equipment online or go to some of the many stores; they’ll have everything you need for a fantastic adventure.

Texas is home to some extremely rare fishes. Many fishermen that visit the state love fishing for the Guadalupe Bass or some other species thriving in Texas waters. Enjoy a fishing adventure in some of the enormous fishing resorts if you love this outdoor activity.


There are so many more things to do in this great US state. There’s everything in Texas – from the most traditional events lasting for decades to untouched nature that will leave you breathless. Texas is worth visiting for every outdoor lover.

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