6 Things to Consider When Starting a Home Staging Business

When starting your own home staging business, there are several things to consider. 

Naturally, one of the most important elements of home staging is to get your hands on tasteful, visually appealing home decor items with which to decorate and enhance the appearance of your client’s home. The objective here is to achieve a look that is both understated but also aesthetically appealing to the eye of potential buyers of the house, as well as making the home appear warm and inviting – a space people can see themselves living in and want to make their own. Browse the best home staging courses online to choose which course is best to help you start your home staging career.

There are several decor items a home staging expert or interior designer will turn to to make a house feel homely, welcoming and inviting. The key to this is to select items that reflect and mirror the property’s style – a beachy vibe, for example, calls for nautical decor, including blue and yellow hues, stripes, and objects made of twine. A more industrial look will need a more subdued colour palette – think greys, charcoal and neutral shades, clean lines and modern, metallic decor. 

If you’re interested in learning what the best home staging items are and where to find them, we’re here to help!

The Best Home Decor Items to Stage a Home

1. Photo and Picture Frames

Picture frames containing pictures of loved ones, treasured memories and family portraits are an excellent way to make a house feel like a home. Featuring photo frames in prominent focal points around the house – such as the living room mantle piece, entry hallway cabinet, or even in the bedroom (atop a bedside table, for example) is very important as it makes a property look relatable and homely. Potential clients will be able to envisage themselves making the space their own, filling it with photos of their own families and loved ones.

For a professional home decorator, interior designer or home staging expert, it is important to acquire tasteful home decor items that look upmarket but do not break the home staging budget. Wholesale photo frames can be obtained online – a simple yet important addition to any home. 

2. Cushions and Throw Pillows

Cushions and throw pillows are essential to make a space feel warm and inviting. A soft, welcoming pillow placed on a living room couch or sofa does wonders, as well as providing the room with a subtle pop of colour – particularly if the shade of the cushion is chosen well. Popular throw pillow and cushion hues can include bright colours such as pink or yellow, especially if the lounge suite they are placed on is in a neutral hue such as grey, beige or cream. Equally important is the cushion placement – it needs to look naturally placed, as though the owners have casually strewn it there. This takes more thought and effort than it looks!

3. Bedding and Bed Linen

Similar to cushions and throw pillows, when bedroom linen such as quilts, doonas, and throw blankets is selected well, it provides essential colour and warmth to a room. Choose bed linen in colours that match the home’s colour palette – if it is neutral, choose a white, cream or off-white quilt or doona. If more colourful, choosing a vibrant, patterned bed covering is a great way to go. Either way, placing a throw blanket in a bright colour onto the bed can also lift the room! 

4. Decorative Flower Vases and other Decor Objects

Nothing adds a pop of colour to the home like a vibrant vase of flowers! Studies have even shown that displaying a bright bunch of flowers (or several) in the home can even be good for your mental health due to the association of flowers with positive emotions. This is certainly the feeling home staging experts want to evoke when potential clients are visiting and inspecting a home! 

5. Lights and Lamps

Lighting is extremely important! How a room is lit up has a considerable impact on the impression a space gives a visitor. For example, if a house is dark and poorly lit, it can look gloomy and uninviting. Choosing to decorate the space with a table or floor lamp that emits a warm, welcoming glow will do wonders for any room.

6. Throw rugs and Floor coverings

Carpet looking a little drab? Enter, throw rugs! Floor coverings such as rugs are an easy, cost-effective way to brighten up a space and even cover up any unsightly stains on the existing carpet. They can also add a subtle pop of colour to a floor that may otherwise be lacking. Similarly, colourful curtains, blinds and window coverings also make a massive difference to the appearance of a room.

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