6 Pieces of Dating Advice I Wish I Knew When 18

6 Pieces Of Dating Advice That You Need To Follow

Dating is something that many people desire to do, but no one knows how to do it. Human emotions are changeable, and reasons are often ambiguous. We all seek unconditional love and are afraid of rejection and vulnerability, which is understandable. As a result, individuals strive to establish romantic norms and standards. We hope that the relationship will have a greater chance if it has some formula.

From periodicals to discussion shows, the media is always attempting to understand the language of love. Advice columns and fluff pieces have made it a point to give love advice. Unfortunately, there seems to be an infinite list of dos and don’ts when it comes to relationships. If you stick to the formula, you should be able to have a successful relationship. The bulk of these suggestions, on the other hand, are subtly sexist means of undermining female agency and reducing a woman’s authority over her own love life.

  1. Seek Compatibility 

Love and dating may be viewed as math problems. A balanced solution is achieved by finding someone of equal value. You must first understand your expectations and requirements. What qualities do you seek in a partner? What do you hope to achieve in life? Make a list of your inflexibilities and non-negotiables. Make a list of things you value most in life—family, job, adventure, or spirituality, for example—and tattoo it on your heart, so you don’t forget. Find someone who shares your beliefs, aspires to the same goals, and leads a life that complements yours. Your ideal companion is out there. They’re the ones with whom you always feel at ease, no matter what, and always on your side.

  1. Make sure you know what you want.

Heller expands on Fang’s first point, stating that you must be unambiguous about your aims. While it’s a good idea to start with a friendship, you should let the person know if you’re looking for a love connection to develop. Make it clear what kind of connection you’re looking for in the end: friendship, casual dating, or a serious partnership. Define the characteristics of the connection you want to have via dating. The more confidence you have about what you want and what you can provide, the less uncertainty you’ll have about who you’re compatible with and who you should pursue a long-term relationship with.

  1. Choose activities that you enjoy.

Fang’s third and last dating advice is to plan your dates around your interests. If going out to dinner or getting a drink isn’t your thing, don’t do it! “If there are specific activities that you feel more comfortable doing, it’s fine to go on less traditional dates.” Going to a pub for a drink on a first date isn’t always a good idea for the ordinary individual. “Find out what hobbies are right for you and give yourself permission to think beyond the box,” she says. “Perhaps a farmers market, food truck, or exhibit would be more appealing. Selecting activities that suit you will make you feel more at ease on your date while also allowing you to do something you like.”

  1. Choose Someone Who Choose You Back.

Love that is reciprocated is intelligent love. You should be with someone who loves you as much as you love them. You are the reward; you are not a choice. Chasing someone who doesn’t put you first is a slow and hard climb. And the acceptance and affirmation of others do not dictate your judgments for you. So what should you do if you discover you haven’t been selected or, even more perplexingly, that you have been half-picked? Maintain your high standards. Consider how you spend your valuable time and energy. Reroute as necessary. You have a great deal to give. Be in the company of someone who notices.

  1. Don’t expose your flaws too soon.

This one attempts to be adorable and funny, but it fails miserably on every level. It resurrects the age-old concept that all women are untidy or unstable (and hence unwanted) beneath the mask. Have you ever heard the saying “makeup is deception”? A similar rationale is at work in this case. Women are stereotyped as being cunning, deceitful, and untrustworthy all of the time. You’ll ruin the mask of perfection you need to maintain to lure him in if you “reveal your imperfections” too soon.

Women are chastised for being inauthentic while also being stigmatised for trying to be authentic. They argue that if you lay all your flaws on the table, you’ll damage your relationship since no guy will experience true first attraction. You shouldn’t feel obligated to put on a show or hide aspects of yourself to win someone’s approval. Anyone who demands so much work is probably not worth it, and those who believe differently are probably not worth it.

  1. Accept Rejection 

Everyone yearning for love will have to cope with rejection at some time, both as the rejected person and as the one who is rejected. It’s an unavoidable aspect of the dating process, but it’s never deadly. Rejection may be less terrifying if you stay cheerful and honest with yourself and others. Accepting that rejection is an unavoidable aspect of dating but not spending too much time thinking about it is the key. It never results in death.

If you’re rejected after a few dates, the other person probably rejects you for purely superficial reasons over which you have no influence. For example, some people prefer blondes to brunettes, talkative folks to quiet ones, or cannot overcome their problems. Be grateful for early rejections; they might save you a lot of heartaches later on.


Dating is an adventure. It has no bearing on your worth. Let go of the stress. Romantic love is thrilling and vital, but it isn’t everything. It has no bearing on your pleasure. You thrive and grow without it. A plethora of other lovely complexity and exquisite rarities go into making you who you are. You are the very essence of love. Romantic love and dating are merely a pleasant, additional layer woven throughout your trip. When you get home, you open the door for yourself.

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