6 New Hublot “The Art of Fusion” Watches

Looking for stylish designer watches crafted with intricate artistry and talent? Hublot is the right brand for you! In the watchmaking industry, Hublot experienced a rise towards prominence and commercial success, attributed to its focus on the “Art of Fusion.” Carlo Crocco first established it in 1980 with the concept of fusing different materials in creating a variety of pieces. 


Hublot combines the technical and the aesthetic through its integration of unique styles, coming from various artists with the strongest materials available, such as gold and ceramic. In this list, we feature different designer watches by Hublot, such as the Hublot Classic Fusion model and the Big Bang model. These models are worth looking out for as collaborations or inspirations from the best artists and designers inspired them.

1) Classic Fusion Orlinski Bracelet

French artist Richard Orlinski works with Hublot to create fascinating timepiece designs. While most recent collaborations with Orlinski boast ceramic rubber straps, the new Classic Fusion Orlinski Bracelet offers a twist. The 40mm x 11.1mm polished titanium watch case fitted to an integrated bracelet, also made of polished titanium, brings in a breath of fresh air as it explores case materials other than ceramic. 


The dial is made of ceramic and forms a three-dimensional angular motif, allowing buyers to choose between black or white as their color of choice. The signature large “H” counterweight on the second hand, alongside the Hublot logo, is also one of the design features offered in this brand new watch. The design’s intricacy and stylishness show the overflowing talent and reputation of the artist, making the more than $15,000 price worthwhile! 

2) Classic Fusion Takashi Murakami All Black

Takashi Murakami is also one of Hublot’s well-known design collaborators. His visually modern styles that subtly reflect Japanese tradition and pop culture manifest in the fusion watches, born from his collaborations with Hublot. 


If one were to describe Murakami’s design style, his coined word, “Superflat,” definitely fits as much of his designs are based on Japan’s usage of flat art. This style can also be seen in manga and anime today. 


The Classic Fusion Takashi Murakami All Black, like its namesake, features a sleek all-black design. It boasts a 45mm satin-finished and polished black ceramic case coupled with a black rubber strap. Its dial also presents a rather peculiar design, wherein a rotating smiling flower made of black diamonds is plastered on a black lacquered dial set.

3) Classic Fusion Takashi Murakami Sapphire Rainbow

If one design is all-black, Takashi Murakami also creates the complete opposite of all-black. Unlike its monochromatic counterpart, the Classic Fusion Takashi Murakami Sapphire Rainbow boasts a colorful aesthetic with transparent effects. 


Hublot crafted this timepiece with a 45mm complete sapphire case, featuring a brightly smiling flower that emerges from the dial. From the flower blooms twelve colorful petals, representing the colors of the rainbow, with 487 precious stones – red rubies, pink sapphires, amethysts, blue sapphires, tsavorites, yellow and orange sapphires. These twelve petals give life to the dial as it rotates around the face.

4) Classic Fusion Shepard Fairey

In collaboration with painter, graphic designer, DJ, illustrator, street artist, skateboarder, and founder of the OBEY clothing company, Shepard Fairey, Hublot releases its 2021 Classic Fusion Shepard Fairey. 


Perhaps one of the most politically influential artists of his generation, Fairey, pseudonym, “Obey,” is known for the “Obama Hope” poster and another piece titled “Liberté, égalité, fraternité.” The timepiece features a mandala, representing harmony, the cycle of life and the elements, and the nature of time, with the dial’s center featuring Fairey’s signature, the “Star Gear” mark. 


The pattern is engraved into titanium encased in a titanium 45mm watch. The limited edition timepiece was used in a fundraising project for Amnesty International, an international human rights organization.

5) Big Bang Sang Bleu II

Renowned Swiss tattoo artist Maxime Plescia-Buchi works his magic when applying his ink to iconic timepieces borne from the artist’s and Hublot’s collaboration. The Big Bang Sang Bleu II introduces three variations that showcase Plescia-Buchi’s talent and precision with ink in working with three different materials – Magic Gold, Black Magic Ceramic, and Green Ceramic. 


The timepiece’s dial features the Swiss tattoo artist’s characteristic three-dimensional geometrical art encased in Hublot’s scratch-resistant gold or ceramic materials. The combination of which imitates the tattoo, where the design is scratch resistant and deeply engraved on the material.

6) Big Bang Tourbillon Samuel Ross

Creative Director Samuel Ross has been a Hublot ambassador since 2020. The timepiece was inspired by the 40cm sculpture REFORM which captures Hublot’s 40 years of being a game changer in the watch industry. It boasts a 45mm titanium case fitted with a malleable rubber strap. 


The watch’s dominant color, orange, was chosen for the strap and accents as a representation of energy and optimism. On the watch’s casing and strap, we also see the unique stylized hexagons, a basic building block of nature, as part of its design feature. It’s a symbol of functionality in Ross’s designs. The dial also features the gears of the watch working together in a harmonious relationship, relating to the functionality theme of the hexagonal design.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the artistic designs released by the luxury watch powerhouse, Hublot. Indeed, they are great works of art with the brand’s campaign of collaborating with the best artists. If you want to check out more watches from this watch company, you can visit

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