5 Reasons Why You Would Need Self Storage

Cluttered house, a pile of old things, too little room – many things can cause the feeling of claustrophobia in your own house.

Many people turn to extra storage outside of their homes. With all the things out of the house, they can finally find some peace of mind. 

So, what are the signs that you need to rent a storage space? In this article, we’ll share the common reasons for self-storage, why a self storage shipping container is better, and how to find a solution for cheap storage costs.

5 Reasons You Need Self-Storage

1. You Are Moving or Renovating

Moving and renovating can be stressful. The clutter of stuff to pack and transport will add considerably to that stress.

Plus, when you are moving, you can’t take all your things at once and unload them. It is especially hard moving to a smaller place.

So, storing half your things temporarily in storage can help you reduce that stress and help you adjust to the new place easier.

Same thing with renovating. It’s annoying having all your things scattered about when you’re trying to paint. With all things out of the way, you can focus on one task at a time.

2. Free Up Space at Your House Without Losing Your Things

A house full of clutter is not a conducive environment for rest. So, freeing up space in your house is crucial. This activity is usually called decluttering. 

During a decluttering session, people usually categorised their things into three, which are keep, donate, and store. 

Now, not all people are ready to part with their things, so donating might not be an option. So, to keep the house organised while still having a connection with those things, the best solution would be to store them.

Using self-storage, you can still have access to your things and organise your house. 

3. Store Mementos and Antique Things

We have a lot of mementoes and antique things, whether we realise it or not. Most of them are passed down from generation to generation. Some may be things left behind by a passing relative.

So, all these things must hold sentimental memories for you. However, your house might not be the best place to store them. 

Some old things are really brittle, and rooms with unregulated temperatures can further damage them. Hence, by renting an enclosed storage space, you can preserve them longer.

4. Make Business Easier

If you have a small business and you need more space for your stock, self-storage is the right solution. The space will act as your warehouse.

Plus, having a specialised space for your things helps organise your business. You can pack and ship your products quicker than before.

Even better, you can store your stock and any business appliances inside. 

5. Reduce Travelling Stress

Travelling is fun, but worrying about your vehicle or your things collecting dust is not. So, to keep your peace of mind, better store your things in storage space.

Yes, storage space can protect cars! (More on this in the next section).

In a storage space, the exposure to dust, water, and vermin is minimal to none. Moreover, by storing in storage space, you are not chased by time constraints. You can simply extend the rental if you prolong your travels.

Why Is Self-Storage Shipping Container Better?

Compared to traditional self-storage, this self-storage is leagues better.

The traditional self-storage facility is stagnant. You have to haul your things into the storage space on your own. Furthermore, you don’t know if you’ll get a ground-level space. If not, you have to struggle and haul your things upstairs.

With shipping container self-storage, the container is delivered to you. You can even ask the company to load your things in. 

Then, you can choose to either store the container in their storage facility or on your premises. This gives you the option for more security or constant access.

Plus, all the containers are made of quality steel that is airtight, waterproof, dustproof, and vermin-proof. They are also thick, so they are practically impenetrable. So, attempts of theft can be prevented.

Cheap Storage Costs

Other than being mobile, shipping container self storage is up to 50% cheaper than the traditional self-storage facility. 

The smallest container, which can fit 2 bedrooms worth of stuff is $3.27 per day. The other sizes also have affordable prices, which are;

  • 8ft = $4.7 per day.
  • 10ft = $6.13 per day.
  • 20ft = $8.56 per day

By choosing the right size at the right price, you prevented yourself from renting too little or too much space.

Furthermore, the container comes with free furniture blankets and tie-downs. That way, you save money by not buying all the additional protection.


You need self-storage because you need space. So, any reason to make your house roomier is a good reason. Whether it is keeping sentimental things, business stock, or excess furniture, there are all good reasons for renting a space.

Plus, with self-storage – especially shipping container self-storage – you can be assured that your things are protected in a temperature-regulated space. The storage space also has minimal chance of damage from water, dust, or mould.

Another thing you should note is the price. If you choose a self-storage shipping container, you can save money because the rent is cheap. Moreover, you won’t have to buy additional protection for your things.

Overall, renting a self-storage space is beneficial, right?

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