5 New Sports to Try in Australia if You Haven’t Before

Australia is an enormous continent with so many things to do. A mix of dozens of cultures provides nearly unlimited amounts of sports and activity options. The most popular sports in Australia are football, basketball, rugby, tennis, and others.

With more than 25 million people, you may say there’s something for everyone. However, most people only stick to the most popular sports. Not everyone is happy to try something new. A small group of people will constantly look for something new. If you’re one of them, you’re searching for every chance to try something new.

In this article, we share some widely popular sports in some countries but not so much in Australia. We also share some sports that might be popular but you didn’t have the chance to try them. Follow up and see if you find something that fits your needs and give it a try.

1. Cricket

Cricket is among the most popular sports in Australia, but so many people are still not aware of the rules and the joy this sport brings. It is one of the most popular in the world, with millions of registered players in countries where the Komonwelt used to dominate its culture.

Starting from Britain on to India, and Australia, millions of people enjoy it. If you haven’t tried cricket so far, it’s time to get the necessary cricket gear and find an adequate place for it. You can do it in any field, but it’s best to find a place that is made for it. This way, you’ll have the most joy.

2. Nine-pin bowling

With hundreds of thousands of ethnic Germans living in Australia, it’s normal to see a huge influence from their culture. Bowling is a sport invented in Germany, and since it first appeared, it suffered a lot of changes to become what is worldwide popular today – ten-pin bowling.

Nine-pin, or kegeln, is the original form of bowling and it is still heavily practiced in central Europe. With thousands of registered players, it is one of the world’s most interesting and underrated sports. The best venue to play nine-pin is near Adelaide, so if you’re in the area, make sure you try this one.

3. Sailing

One of the most underrated sports in Australia is sailing. Although an Olympic sport, only so many people practice it professionally. Maybe because athletes need boats to practice it, maybe because it’s not an ordinary sport, but too few athletes enjoy this magnificent sport.

Battling with the equipment, wind, and water is amazing. Sailors need to put total control over the sails of their bots to reach their destination fast. If you love water sports, you might have enjoyed surfing, or you love spending time on a boat, this sport might be an ideal solution for you when looking for something new.

4. Skydiving

Not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure. Skydiving is a challenging activity that will leave you breathless. Jumping off a flying plane and going through the air at extreme speeds means facing the greatest fear in your life, freefalling with the chance to end up on the ground without anything to help.

Of course, accidents never happen as skydivers have two parachutes – one that’s regular and one in case the first one malfunctions, so accidents never happen. Skydiving is an excellent idea if you love adrenaline and something new to give you a fast heartbeat.

5. Mountain biking

Mountain biking is the ultimate adrenaline sport that reaches extreme speeds through uneven terrain. Riding a bike that goes through dirt, gravel, water, mud, and all sorts of things will raise your adrenaline to the highest level. You can only do this with adequate gear and safety precautions. A helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and body armor are essential if you want to be safe at all times.

This is also an Olympic sport, so if you’re serious about it, you should chase after a sporting career. It takes a lot of physical stamina, but you must also be mentally prepared for a challenging race. Mountain biking requires staying on the bike with all those obstacles, so balance is everything when going down the hills.


These five sports might be intriguing to you. Others will already have some of them tried, but chances are slim that you’ve tried all five in your life. If you’re one of those people who want to try everything before they die, this is your ultimate list.

All of them are widely different in their style and requirements. Some are easily practiced, and you can do them anywhere, but others require a unique arena. One thing is guaranteed – you’ll enjoy every single one as they all have specific positive and negative sides.



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