5 Movies Like Utama To Watch

Best Movies Like Utama

Here is our list of Movies like Utama that we are sure you will enjoy. An elderly Quechua couple has been leading the same routine in the highlands of Bolivia for years. Virginio and his wife (Sisa) are faced with a choice during an unusually protracted drought: resist or succumb to the forces of nature and time.

Utama Related Movies List


Year: 2017

Director: Clara Laperrousaz, Laura Laperrousaz

Gabriel and Iris take their children Emma and Zoé, a pair of gorgeous 6-year-old twins, on a vacation back to the family vacation home in Portugal. The couple’s past starts to come to light in the middle of the sun-drenched countryside while the kids play and swim.

A Bigger World

Year: 2019

Director: Fabienne Berthaud

After her husband passed away, Corine sets out for Mongolia to record local music. She had a life-altering encounter with a shaman who can feel her anguish. After going back home, Corine soon returns to train as a shaman.

Our Struggles

Year: 2018

Director: Guillaume Senez

At work, Olivier is fighting injustices alongside his colleagues, but one night, Laura, his wife, abandons him and their two children, ages nine and six. He now has to contend with a new challenge and accept his new duties. Can he strike a different balance?

A Matter of Courage

Year: 2015

Director: Roberto Gervitz

When Hermano learns that his wife Adri is expecting, he decides to cancel his plans to climb a nearly insurmountable peak in Tierra del Fuego. Hermano is a successful doctor and an avid rock climber.

Mourning for Anna

Year: 2010

Director: Catherine Martin

How do you continue life after that? Winter is coming to an end. A stranger kills a young musician in her apartment. Her mom is in disbelief. She makes the terrible decision to leave Montréal and seek safety alone in Kamouraska in the rural home built by her maternal grandparents and inherited from her mother, having been devastated by the horrific death of her daughter.

The Best Movies Like Utama

I hope you find something on this list you will enjoy; if you like Utama, we are sure you will enjoy the rest of these titles. Comment below on other movies you have enjoyed similar to Utama.

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